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An heir is a unit that may become ruler of their side when the current ruler croaks or abdicates.

An heir may be popped with the heir special, at great cost in production turns, or named Heir Designate from among existing units, at great cost in Shmuckers.

An heir will become ruler of a side immediately upon the ruler croaking or abdicating. If the new ruler's side owns at least one city, then the side continues as before. If it has no cities of its own, then the side falls and the new ruler becomes a barbarian.

It is not uncommon for an heir to also serve as Chief Warlord, but it is not necessary for one unit to serve both functions, and both titles can be redistributed by the ruler.

Proposed Canon

A royal heir results in an upgrade to the capital's tower — an appropriate room materializing for them when they pop.Erf-b3-p64Same-site.PNG

The heir status doesn't carry over if the unit changes their side.Erf-b3-p174Same-site.PNG

Primary Heir

A side can have multiple heirs at once. The ruler picks one of them to be the primary heir, who will become the default heir to receive the side in the event the current ruler falls or abdicates.Erf-b3-p153Same-site.PNG

Popping a Heir

Heirs are always popped as the production of the capital. The process takes a lot of turns (60 turns for Faq after TBFGKErf-b2-pP16Same-site.PNG). The ruler doesn't have to be in the capital when it's started.Erf-b2-pE20Same-site.PNG The ruler getting croaked doesn't stop this production automatically either.Hvs.tCF 219

Just like popping any other unit, the process can be sped up significantly by a Turnamancer.

The popped heir is always considered and refered to as a son or a daughter of the ruler.

Heir Designation

Tramennis always had all the brains in the family.

Promotion to Heir Designate rarely occurs and is very expensive.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG When Prince Tramennis was named Heir Designate,Erf-b2-p91Same-site.PNG the cost was roughly 165,000 Shmuckers (5K for each of the 28 Archons + 25K bonus for capturing one, assuming Gobwin Knob had not lost or gained any archons in between the Battle for Gobwin Knob and the Battle of Expository Bridge).

Known Heirs

  • Jungstown
    • Edifice Wrex - Former popped heir to Overlady Pink Freud. Croaked along with everyone in the side due to strife he instigated after popping.Tisha


It's unknown if the "cost" of an heir designation or popping turn count depends on how big the Side is or how big the capital City might be.

It may be the case that all Heirs must be Commanders; every Heir seen thus far was either popped as a Warlord-Heir, or was named Heir Designate while serving as a Warlord or Caster. (Stanley was promoted to Warlord, and then named Heir Designate.) Naming an Heir Designate may require promoting the unit to Warlord first.

Ansom refers to Jillian as Princess when he finds out about FaqErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG. This seems to be a customary title for a popped royal Heir.

If a side has a heir and they're popping another heir, most probably the new heir will be the primary heir by default.