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Proposed Canon

Heavy units are a Class of unit that have the "Heavy" natural ability. Most of those seen thus far are considered the most powerful non-Commander units; presumably, since the only known Heavy 'abilities' are nerfs, the unit receives compensatory buffs that make it extremely useful in situations where their nerfs do not apply. Most heavy units are restricted from entering Tunnels, for example, and can't ride Mounts. (Specifically, they can climb aboard, but the mount cannot bear them and move normally.)

Heavy units may spontaneously pop in Ruins.

Known Heavy Units


Heavy Units may be unable to enter many terrain types besides Tunnels which could vary from unit to unit. Apparently, most heavies cannot enter tunnels, however Sourmanders, Tchotchkes and Spidews are exempt from this for example. It is possible that heavy is a classification with sub-classifications such as "Heavy (Tunnel faring)" or "Heavy (Small)" for example. Or that "Tunnel faring" is a separate special which can be stacked with the "Heavy" special undoing the nerf.Erf-b1-p098aSame-site.PNG, Erf-b1.5-p002Same-site.PNG

Possible Heavy Units