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Date Posted:2005-07-05
Title:One More Gaming Comic?
Blog Post:Yes

Welcome to My Webcomic!
( Tue Jul 05, 2005 2:00 am )

Say hello to Hamstard. Monty Python and the Holy Grail only THOUGHT they had the most foul-tempered rodent you ever laid eyes on!

I am your mysterious creator, Lord Hamster! Kneel before me!

Okay, get up. You're embarassing yourself.

Seriously, just have a good time and enjoy my comic. If he's not the most foul-tempered rodent, he's definitely the most foul-mouthed!
Lord Hamster


  • The above is the blog post from www.hamstard.com that accompanied the comic.
  • The numbering scheme of the original Hamstard comic has been preserved. Number 32 is, in fact, the first comic.
  • There is no number 33.