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Proposed Canon

Haffaton was a side involved in conflict with Goodminton around the time when Wanda popped. Haffaton is unallied at the time,IPTSF Text 6 but later gets Frenemy and Quisling as allies.IPTSF Text 26 After the destruction of Goodminton, Haffaton obtained the services of Wanda. At the peak of its power, Haffaton was the strongest side in Erfworld, possessing over 70 cities and almost completely surrounding the secret kingdom of Faq.

Spurred on by a prophecy, Faq began searching for a new capital to escape their conquest at Haffaton's hands. Thanks to Jillian's recklessness, Haffaton learned of Faq's existence and fulfilled the prophecy, seizing control of Faq's cities. However, all the people on the side managed to escape and eventually managed to take one of Haffaton's spare capital cities and capture its Overlady.

Haffaton's livery is "black with white trim".IPTSF Text 7

At some point Haffaton employs High Elves as natural allies.IPTSF Text 27

Haffaton's Overlord went by the name of 'Judy Gale '. With Judy's departure from Erfworld, she has been suceeded by Olive Branch.

Haffaton possessed the Arkenshoes.

Known Cities

Haffaton held the following cities before Goodminton captured them:

Haffaton held the following cities before Faq razed them:


Known units


According to Overlord Firebaugh, Goodminton has faced Foolamancy, Thinkamancy, Hat Magic, Weirdomancy and Carnymancy in its fight against Haffaton (in addition to Olive Branch's Flower Power). As most casters are unable to cast outside of their discipline, this likely indicates that Haffaton has a sizeable number of casters.

Real World References

The name Haffaton refers to the expression "half a ton" or "half ton" (roughly equal to 1000 pounds).

Another possible interpretation would be the expression "(to) have a ton", as in "I have a ton of units".

Haffaton may also refer to halftone - "technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing". This technique is used in printing photographic images - usually black-and-white - in newspapers (which may explain Haffaton's black and white livery).

Haffaton may also be a corruption of "half a town" implying that it is a mere shell.