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Magic 101
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Proposed Canon

H-strings are a term, possibly coined by Maggie, for the mystical connections formed by the bonds between units. They are the basis of Date-a-mancy ("They connect hearts, not heads.")Erf-b3-p313Same-site.PNG and are closely related to G-strings.

H-strings allow the transmission of emotions and feelings. Date-a-mancers, and to a lesser degree Thinkamancers, have a natural ability to sense them, though most Thinkamancers are only aware of them to a minor degree and interpret them as simple vibrations on G-strings.

It is possible to change a unit's location by using juice to tug on their H-strings.Erf-b3-p299Same-site.PNG


It is possible that H-strings are also the basis of Findamancy, allowing the Findamancer to search the connections between things and enact summoning spells.