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TBFGK 7-1.jpg
Move: 52*
(fastest on record; varies)
Special: Flight, Mount

Proposed Canon

A Gwiffon is a non-humanoid flying Unit roughly the shape of a bird. It is fast moving and a capable combatant. They are used by Jillian as mounts.Erf-b1-p007Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p009Same-site.PNG Gwiffons emit a 'peep!' sound effect.Erf-b1-p050Same-site.PNG

Gwiffons take a small penalty to movement when passing through mountains and no penalty when passing through hills.

Gwiffons get squishy when rained on.

Known users


Jillian refers to them as 'gummy beasts',Erf-b1-p050Same-site.PNG referring to the fact that they seem to be one sticky, gelatinous material all the way through.Erf-b1-p012Same-site.PNG This may explain why they get squishy in the rain.

In the first intermission, page 15, Jillian allows her Gwiffons to eat the marrow, hooves and horns from horned sheep carcasses. These feeding habits are a reference to the fact that gelatin is made from the bone marrow of animals.

Interesting Side Notes

When Wanda is summoning Parson, Stanley asks for someone who (among other things) snacks on gwiffons and eats Marbits for breakfast.[1] Sometimes, Stanley actually gets what he asks for.

Real World Reference

Gwiffons appear to be based on the Marshmallow Peep, a favorite snack food of Parson's.Erf-b1-p015Same-site.PNG