Great Minds that Think Alike

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Left to right: Saltina, Tisha, Isaac Cypher, Roger Victor Clarence, Jintao, Pamelor, A.V. Club

Proposed Canon

The Great Minds that Think Alike are a group of Thinkamancers who appear to be the leaders of others in their discipline. While they have no official leader and run things by consensus, Isaac serves as their de facto spokesman. It is suggested that they reside in the Temple of the Thinkamancers.

The Great Minds were once little more than yet another group of gossipers in the Magic Kingdom, but after Isaac made some disturbing discoveries regarding the true nature of Eyemancy, they have started focusing their efforts on uncovering more of the secrets of their world and have gotten deeply involved in the conspiracy surrounding Parson Gotti.

Known Members

LIAB Text 38.jpg

Many other members of the Great Minds that Think Alike have yet to be named, although an image with the text update first mentioning them is believed to show some of the members, revealing at least nine individuals with the appearance of real and fictional characters in the Real World, along with Isaac.LIAB Text 38


The Great Minds that Think Alike appear to reside in the Temple of the Thinkamancers, which is a location in the Magic Kingdom. This suggests that the members are all Barbarian casters. It could be that all Barbarian Thinkamancers are members of the Great Minds that Think Alike but it's much more probable that they are a select group made up of either the most powerful Masterminds or a group elected by their Thinkamancer peers.

It's possible that the Great Minds that Think Alike are a group of linked Thinkamancers who direct all other thinkamancers through the G-strings. They could reside deep within the temple and relay information to the others as needed.

The eye in the pyramid, also known as the Eye of Providence, has been seen on some of the devices in Isaac's playground as well as on a necklace Maggie wears. This could mean it is an icon associated with Thinkamancy as a discipline, or it might be a symbol of the Great Minds that Think Alike.

Real World References

"Great minds think alike" is a proverb used to emphasize or describe two people coming to the same conclusion. It is sometimes followed by the line "but fools seldom differ".

The Eye in the Pyramid has long been associated with secret societies and conspiracies, most notably the Freemasons and the Illuminati. It is also found in mysticism, as representing the third eye or mind's eye,