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According to the Word of the Titans, "Grand Abbie" is a title that indicates multiple mastery within Hippiemancy.

Proposed Canon

Given that Janis is "a Grand Abbie"Erf-b1-p141Same-site.PNG it would appear she is a master of Flower Power and at least one other discipline from Signamancy and Date-a-mancy.


It is currently unclear if there a variety of titles for different multiple master-class casters (e.g. mastery of 2 vs 3 disciplines, or if "Grand Abbie" indicates explicitly the specific 2 disciples mastered).

Real World References

The 'Abbie' of the title probably refers to Abbie Hoffman, or possibly Abigail "Abby" O'Neil, from the TV sitcom Dharma & Greg.

The title is possibly a reference to the title of abbot/abbess.

Mother Abagail is the personification of good in Stephen King's novel The Stand.