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Crest of Goodminton

Proposed Canon

Goodminton is described as a winter dominion, ruled by Overlord Firebaugh.

The side's livery is slate blue with brass buttons.

Goodminton had an alliance with Quisling and Frenemy against Haffaton.



At the turn when Wanda popped Goodminton held only two cities: the capital city of Goodminton and one other, Coolminton.

Goodfinger was probably one of Goodminton's original cities lost in the fight with Haffaton. It was later recaptured with help from units Wanda uncroaked.

Goodminton's forces later took Frankburg and Hamfurter from Haffaton.

Known Units

Real World References

In the video game series Advance Wars[1], most COs of Blue Moon wear uniforms that resemble Goodminton's.[2] The both of them also preside over snowy regions.

There are also resemblances to the now-traditional French Army uniforms[3], and US Union Army uniforms[4] (which were themselves modeled after the French Army uniforms).

The name "Goodminton" probably refers to a version of the racquet game Badminton whereby, instead of trying to force the other team to miss the birdie, the goal is to keep the birdie in play as long as possible. Note that Goodminton's crest depicts badminton shuttlecock (birdie) with a halo above it.

This may be a bit of foreshadowing, indicating that the most important thing that this side could accomplish is to keep a particular unit (or birdie) like Wanda in play, even if it means that it cannot win the standard version of the "game" (i.e. war in Erfworld). The name could also be a play on words with "Good-" and "Bad-" minton, so as to suggest the side is "moral".