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I feel so much happier now I uendrsantd all this. Thanks!


The Gobwin Insurrection, occuring after Wanda betrayed Faq and swore allegiance to Stanley, was possibly orchestrated by Wanda alone. Where Stanley would have been controlled by Duty and disallowed from plotting against King Saline IV, Wanda had weak Loyalty and may simply have suggested Stanley take certain important Casters on a mission she had created. The Gobwins, manipulated by Wanda into believing they could hold the city by Suggestion Spells and/or more mundane methods, attacked the city and killed Saline. Stanley then returns to recapture the city with complete deniability, and no direct knowledge of Wanda's participation in the affair; thus, Loyalty, Duty, and Obedience are satisfied while Stanley takes command of Gobwin Knob.

Also, Wanda is more likely than Stanley to have the strategic thinking to pull off a maneuver like this. Wanda may have desired a leader who was more easily swayed when she still desired to attune to an Arkentool.

Gobwin Knob lost its contingent of Gobwins in the Volcano Uncroaking and is currently unable to find even a single Gobwin to recruit, despite an extensive search of some areas in which they normally pop. Why no Gobwins have yet been found is still unknown, but Lord Hamster suspects that Charlescomm may have a hand in this...

With this new information another plausible scenario for the gobwin revolt is that Charlescomm may have been behind it in order to force a change in leadership and drum up some new business. This might have also been part of a long term plan to weaken Gobwin Knob under Stanley's leadership and cause conflict with Jetstone. This would have allowed Charlie to scoop the Arkenhammer and the Arkenpliers.