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'The City of Gobwin Knob prior to the Volcano Uncroaking Page 121.'

Gobwin Knob could refer to something else. See Gobwin Knob (disambiguation)

Proposed Canon

Gobwin Knob is the capital city of Gobwin Knob, the side by the same name. It is ruled by Overlord Stanley the Tool. The city is the location of the Battle for Gobwin Knob.


Relative to most of the world, its location is unclear. However, Faq is located to the west of Gobwin Knob, while Transylvito is to the South West. The city is roughly 200 hexes from the City of Unaroyal.

Gobwin Knob was originally constructed within the caldera of a dormant volcano. This position gave the city excellent natural defenses and great wealth as the mountain had many precious gems within it. At the conclusion of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Chief Warlord Parson ordered the city to be collapsed upon itself and the volcano to be uncroaked. The resulting explosion destroyed both the attacking force and the city itself. Gobwin Knob was rebuilt the day after the battle by order of Stanley the Tool.

Battle for Gobwin Knob

Main Article: Battle for Gobwin Knob

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob, the city of Gobwin Knob was formed of four Zones -- Outer Walls, Tunnels, Airspace, and Garrison. Garrison was constructed of three smaller Zones -- Tower, Courtyard, and Dungeon.

The rules for attacking between zones in Gobwin Knob during the Battle for Gobwin Knob were:

  • Outer Walls -- Needed to be breached by Siege Units to be passable by ground Units.
  • Tunnels -- Could only be entered by light Units.
  • Airspace -- Could only be entered by flying Units.
  • Garrison:
  • Tower -- Could only be attacked from Airspace or another Garrison Zone.
  • Dungeon -- Could only be attacked from Tunnels or another Garrison Zone.
  • Courtyard -- Could only be attacked from Outer Walls or another Garrison Zone.

The Level 5 city of Gobwin Knob was infamous as the most strongly fortified position on Erfworld and the capital city of the Plaid Tribe and later the eponymous faction. The city was built around the sky-scraping Tower of Efdup within the caldera of an extinct volcano, beneath which stretched a labyrinth of tunnels and mines that were thought mined out. During the Battle, the Tunnels were collapsed, reducing the City to Level 1. This action was insufficient to stop the Royal Crown Coalition, so the Casters caused the volcano to reawaken and erupt, destroying all of the invading forces, but leaving a few non-living troops that held Stanley's claim to the city after the Casters had evacuated. The Dirtamancer Sizemore had discovered that more veins of gems lay deep in the volcano and controlled the eruption so as to reveal these, providing the city with one of the highest known incomes in the world. The city as a whole was nearly destroyed as a result of the battle, Sizemore's collapsing of the tunnels, and the subsequent explosion; however, it remained a viable Level 1 city, continuing to produce Units in the aftermath of the battle.

City Zones

After Volcano Uncroaking that destroyed Gobwin Knob, the city was rebuilt to Level 5 by order of Stanley the Tool before the Ruler arrived at the City. The refurbished city is quite different than the original; it is now smaller, asymmetrical, and tiered.; the tower of Efdud has been rebuilt, the tunnels have shrunk in size, the Outer Walls now include a gate, and there is a new zone - a permanent lava lake. The city most likely has the following City Zones

  • Outer Wall
    • Gate
  • Tunnels -- The new tunnels aren't open to the outside of the city, they would have to tunneled into before they could be used in an invasion.
  • Airspace
  • Garrison
    • Tower
    • Dungeon
    • Courtyard
  • Special: Lava lake

Unit Production

The city of Gobwin Knob can pop the following Units:

Significant Characters

Stanley the Tool - Ruler, Overlord
Parson Gotti the Lord Hamster - Regent, Warlord
Sizemore Rockwell - Dirtamancer
Maggie - Thinkamancer
Jack Snipe - Master Foolamancer


Tiered cities, like Constantinople in the Real World and Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings, are notoriously difficult to capture. An invading army would need to capture a series of walls, each time being forced to move their siege engines up to a new level before beginning to lay siege to the next wall, all the while under constant fire from the defenders, who merely retreat to the next wall when the previous is taken, only fighting with desperation on the last wall. The walls are generally built such that they defend outward, and provide no protection for those attacking the next wall in, so taking one wall places attackers in a position vulnerable to attack from the next wall in. A general rule of thumb would be that it would take 10 times the defending troops to successfully assail a city: a tiered city of this type might require 30 or 40 times the number of defending troops to capture. Constantinople was never taken from its walls: it is now Istanbul because the invading Muslim army moved ships over land into the sea the city was built beside, and took the city from there. Some of the tiered walls still stand, and you can visit them in Turkey.

Gobwin Knob might begin popping new Units never seen before on the Side. The only heavies formerly popped had to be able to exit the city via Tunnels or Airspace, so only Twoll, Spidews and Dwagons had been popped. With a Gate, other Heavies can now leave the city, so it would make more sense to pop them now, if there are any other Heavy units available.

(A Twoll heavy was killed outside of GK, but it's unclear whether he popped in GK and then exited via tunnels or if he was popped elsewhere).

New City Zones

The new city of Gobwin Knob probably includes the following zones:

  • Tiered Walls -- A series of walls that must each be breached to penetrate to the next, eventually reaching the Wall around Courtyard.
  • Airspace -- Can only be entered by Flying Units.
  • Tunnels -- smaller than before, and not yet connected outside the City. Cannot be used to invade the City without tunneling first.
  • Lava Lake -- Technically inside Outer Walls, only flying units may cross the lake, but they may not land.
  • Garrison:
  • Tower -- Can only be attacked from Airspace or another Garrison Zone.
  • Dungeon -- Can only be attacked from Tunnels or another Garrison Zone.
  • Courtyard -- Can only be attacked from Tiered Walls or another Garrison zone.