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'The City of Gobwin Knob from Page 121.'

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Proposed Canon

Gobwin Knob is the side ruled by Stanley the Tool. Its shares its name with its capital and the volcano upon which it sits. The Battle for Gobwin Knob was a conflict over the existence of the side, fought chiefly at the capital on the mountain.


Gobwin Knob is literally at the center of the current conflict, being northwest of Jetstone and Haggar, due west of FoxMUD, Sofa King, Hyatt and what used to be Unaroyal, north of Hobbittm and Rightshoring, east of Faq and Transylvito, and south of Charlescomm.


Gobwin Knob's territory during most of the Battle for Gobwin Knob consisted solely of the mountain on which the capital stood. Prior to this, it held several cities of unknown location, though one of them was Warchalking, just to the east of the Capital. In the turns after the battle, Gobwin Knob has expanded, retaking old cities and conquering Unaroyal completely, in doing so extending its territory east to the border of Jetstone near Bridgestone and Firestone.

The side currently consists of its Capital and fifteen other cities following the rebuilding of Progrock, Brookstone, Bohica, and the capture of Spacerock.

The capital was temporarily transferred to Spacerock in order to save Parson from an inferno.

  • Orgchart -- Captured from the RCC II, Level 3
  • Unabrow -- Captured from the Unaroyal, May have been razed and rebuilt under another name
  • Unavac -- Captured from the Unaroyal, May have been razed and rebuilt under another name
  • Unatard -- Captured from the Unaroyal, May have been razed and rebuilt under another name
  • Warchalking -- Level 2, Farming, retaken from Unaroyal
  • Dwagoncon -- built over the ruins of the Unaroyal City of Motoroyal
  • Spacerock -- Captured from Jetstone, temporary capital
  • Progrock -- Captured from Jetstone, razed by Faq, subsequently rebuilt
  • Brookstone -- Captured from Jetstone, razed by Faq, subsequently rebuilt
  • Bohica -- Captured from Unaroyal, razed by Faq, subsequently rebuilt
  • Greenwashing -- reclaimed Gobwin Knob city on slight detour off the Orgchart-Warchalking-Faq route
  • 4 other cities -- former Gobwin Knob, Unaroyal, and Jetstone ownership (possibly others).

Former Cities






Gobwin Knob's troops come from a variety of sources.

City Production

All cities that were originally built (or rebuilt) by Gobwin knob can produce the same unit types, depending on the level of that city. Captured cities produce the units they produced under their original side.

  • Men - Popped in any Gobwin Knob city. Those popped in the Capital are presumably members of the Plaid Tribe - it is not known whether any men serving the side currently were popped there. Those popped in other cities might be of different tribes. Those popped in captured cities almost certainly are.
    • Infantry - Can be popped in any city of Level 1 or higher.[1]
      • Pikers - Stanley was a piker himself, and so, before the battle of Gobwin Knob, had a larger and more powerful force of pikers than of other classes of infantry.
      • Archers
      • Stabbers
      • Knights
    • Commanders
      • Warlords - Can be built in Cities of Level Two or higher.[2]
      • Casters - Sometimes pop instead of a Warlord
  • Heavies
    • Twolls - Can be popped in any Gobwin Knob clone city of Level 1 or higher.[3]
    • Mounts
      • Spidews - Can be popped in any Gobwin Knob clone city of Level Two or higher.[4]


  • Uncroaked - Wanda could uncroak dead man-sized units of Gobwin Knob's or its enemies.
  • Dirtamancy Golems - Sizemore could create five types of golem from mineral resources available to him in the Capital.
    • Crap
    • Soft Rock
    • Hard Rock
    • Acid Rock
    • Metal

Natural Allies

  • Gobwin - Provided specialist tunnel fighters. Once plentiful in the mountain that shares their name, after the Volcano Uncroaking, all gobwins serving Gobwin Knob were croaked and the alliance dissolved. Since then, despite all effort, no contact has been made with any feral goblins. This is later confirmed to be the doing of Charlescomm, which bribed them to join Charlie's side.


  • Dwagons - Once Stanley had the Arkenhammer, he could tame wild ones. It is not known if the side had any access to dwagons prior to aquiring the hammer. Dwagons can also be Popped in any Razed and Rebuilt Cities of Level Three or higher.

Current Strength

At the start of the Battle of Spacerock, the Side had around 9400 Units, including around 8000 speaking troops (Men, Archons, Twolls, etc).

At the end of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, the side consisted of 1 Overlord, 1 Warlord, 4 Casters, 1 Hobgobwin Knight, 2 Rock Golems, 7 Dwagons, and a "scattering" of Uncroaked.

Since that point, the side has been popping Twolls, hiring Hobgobwins, taming dwagons, and decrypting a vast number of fallen units, beginning with possibly thousands of troops in the day following the battle, and then bolstering its numbers with each new city claimed (14), rapidly raising the force exponentially to its current size - over 9000 units added in 75 turns, averaging over 120 new units per turn.

Losses at and around Spacerock may have exceeded two thousand slain or taken. Well over a thousand fell at Battle of Expository Bridge alone, to that count must be added all soldiers present at Progrock, the defenders of Brookstone and almost all of those who reached Spacerock. Gobwin Knob's current population must have fallen below eight thousand. However almost three hundred bodies were recovered in a Decryptable state when Spacerock was finally captured, alleviating the damage somewhat.


Prior to the Battle for Gobwin Knob

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob

During the Destruction of Unaroyal

During the Battle of Expository Bridge

During the Battle of Progrock

  • All defenders slain or taken.

During the Battle of Spacerock


Known Gobwin Knob history begins under King Saline IV. Currently survived by only two members of his tribe, Stanley the Tool and Sizemore Rockwell, he is fondly remembered by the latter, and raised the former from piker to warlord, Chief Warlord, and Heir Designate.

The alliances with the gobwins and hobgobwins were strong even back then, and so it was a severe shock when they broke alliance and attacked Gobwin Knob while Stanley, at the time long Chief Warlord and in posession of the Arkenhammer, and newly named Heir, was conveniently away with his dwagons and many of the city's casters. The city was taken and King Saline IV was croaked. Since Stanley was the heir of the kingdom, the side continued to exist under his rule. He returned the next day with the Arkenhammer, casters, and dwagons and successfully retook the city. During the Battle for Gobwin Knob, the faction consisted mainly of the gobwins and hobgobwins with very few men remaining in its service - and many of those not of Plaid descent.

Known Members of the Plaid Tribe: