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A glossary is a list of definitions for words.

  1. Powerful flying unit with natural Thinkamancy powers.
  1. An artifact of great power. There are currently four known Arkentools.
  1. Used in place of swear words, particularly those used by Parson.
  • Cloth Golem
  1. A large heavy unit, often shaped like a stuffed animal.
  • Croak
  1. Erfworld's version of "kill"
  1. Branch of magic used to, among other things, re-animate croaked units.
  1. Branch of magic dealing with the movement of earth. Can create and heal certain types of golems.
  1. A creature that resembles the mythical dragons of Earth.
  1. A method of instant messaging, whereby subvocalized words between two users appear in a book.
  2. A magic item created via eyemancy.
  1. Branch of magic used to, among other things, create illusions and otherwise conceal reality.
  1. a gelatin based flying creature. Used as a mount in erfworld similar to griffins in fantasy books and games.
  • Heavy
  1. A large, powerful unit.
  1. A specific measure of terrain contained within a hexagonal border which composes erfworld. Depending on the type of terrain, a variable amount of move is consumed upon entering the hex. It has also been implied that each hex has its own timeline.
  1. The amount of hexes which a unit can travel in a turn, depending on the type of terrain which makes up the hex.
  1. A flying owl unit which communicates via chatspeak. Named for the "O'rly" sound they make as they fly.
  1. Erfworld equivalent to birth. Erfworlders pop in their most mature state and do not show signs of aging.
  1. A unit of currency used in the Magic Kingdom
  1. Erfworld unit of currency.
  1. A pink lizard heavy mount, used primarily by Jetstone.
  1. A Spider-like heavy unit, used primarily by Gowbin Knob.
  1. A formation of units within a hex that share bonuses. Stacks receive a bonus for every unit in the stack up to eight.
  1. Food which pops for Parson at the beginning of each turn. Each meal contains some useful information about Erfworld.
  • TBfGK
  1. The Battle for Gobwin Knob
  1. A heavy unit which looks like a partially transparent animal.
  1. The period of time in which a side's units can move.
  2. To change sides or abandon one's side.
  1. A unit which has been reanimated, has no free will and decays over a series of turns.