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* Stockings (Delta)
* Stockings (Delta)
* Gloves and tie (Tondelayo)
* Gloves and tie (Tondelayo)
* Gloves (Queenie)
* Gloves and scarf (Queenie)
=Real World References=
=Real World References=

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Proposed Canon

Fox Force is a group of Archons who form Charlie's elite inner guard, referred to as Class FFF. They are the only units in all Charlescomm permitted to see Charlie.

By the time of Battle for Castle Lilith, the team had five members and was known as Fox Force Five. After two of them were croaked by Lilith, the remaining three are now referred to as Fox Force Three.


Fox Forcers are distinguished by their dark blue uniforms with at least one red element:

  • Collar and gloves (Fifinella)
  • Collar (Belle)
  • Stockings (Delta)
  • Gloves and tie (Tondelayo)
  • Gloves and scarf (Queenie)

Real World References

Fox Force Five is a reference to a TV pilot mentioned in the movie Pulp Fiction.