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Fireman is a unit. It is one of the unit types used by Haffaton. Its appearance and stats are not known yet, although the name and shown abilities suggest that firemen are humanoid and may belong to the race of men.

A squad of mid-level firemen from Haffaton ambushes Goodminton's column of siege engines.IPTSF Text 6 Later inspection discovers that firemen were armed with pickaxes and shovels, and had digging special ability. Wanda uncroaks the firemen and uses their ability to dig through city walls to recapture Goodfinger from Haffaton.

Real World References

Firemen refer to firemen from Real World. However, Haffaton's firemen burned Goodminton's siege engines while firemen of the Real World extinguish fires.

In Ray Bradbury's [i]Fahrenheit 451[/i], Firemen enforce the national censorship regime and incinerate all discovered books. link title