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Proposed Canon

Firebirds are bird flying units, like orlies and thunderbirds.

Like a phoenix, a firebird is a bird that is perpetually on fire, providing it with a natural attack and defense superior to that of more mundane fowl.

Known Users


Real World References

Firebird was an automobile released by Pontiac between 1967 and 2002.

It was also the original name of Mozilla FireFox web-browser, the twin of the ThunderBird e-mail and news client.

The Firebird appears in real world Russian folk tales where it is often the object of a difficult quest, fitting in with Ceasar Borgata's difficult quest to take back the city of Chocula from Carpool. The same mythical bird is also the subject of a Stravinsky ballet.

Being 'birds' they fit the theme of Transylvito units being slang terms for women (along with Goyles, Dolls, and Molls.)