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Proposed Canon

Coming to a Toolshed near you!

Figurines are small toy-like game pieces meant to represent different units. They are typically used on the map table in a tower's Situation Room, though field commanders may take a box with them along with maps to help plan actions outside of a city. Sets usually have them in various colors, with humanoid and non-humanoid unit types.

Figurines are indispensable to most sides for logistical purposes, as keeping correct track of field units and enemies is fundamental for waging war in Erfworld. The only known alternative is to employ a Foolamancer to make a projection using the currently available intel. An advanced version of this was the Eyemancer Table, which is only possible for sides with a Lookamancer, Foolamancer, and Thinkamancer in a caster link.


They are one of the basic items that pop in a tower when a city is first built.

Toy Soldiers get an even bigger bonus to stealth when hiding among them.