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Proposed Canon

Fate is one of the three axes of magic (along with Erf and Numbers) used to break a major class of magic into three different disciplines.[1]

Attunement to Arkentools is governed by Fate magic.[2]

Class\Axis Magical Axis
Hocus Pocus Predictamancy
Spookism Dollamancy
Stuffamancy Changemancy
Eyemancy Thinkamancy
Hippiemancy Signamancy
Naughtymancy Croakamancy
Stagemancy Carnymancy
Clevermancy Healomancy


It should be noted that both Thinkamancy - associated with the Arkendish - and Croakamancy - associated with the Arkenpliers - lie in the axis of Fate. So far it is unclear what discipline of Magic powers the Arkenhammer (possibly Changemancy with its ability to occasionally turn walnuts to pigeons), but it would make perfect sense if that would be one of the Fate disciplines.

The Axis of Fate seems to focus on an active target's status. For instance, Croakamancy can return a character from croaked(dead) to uncroaked(undead). Presumably, Healomancy restores hit points and removes other status effects. And Thinkamancy has been shown to alter loyalty scores. Predictamancy can determine a target's future state - alive, dead, carrying around a pair of Arkenpliers.