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Proposed Canon

Faq is the capital of the Kingdom of Faq. It is currently a level four under its Ruler, Queen Jillian.

Its previous ruler was King Banhammer; it is unknown what size the city was then.

The Fall of Faq

During the rule of King Banhammer, Faq was prosperous but hardly a military power. Banhammer was a philosopher, placing little value on military might. He preferred to let his Foolamancer, Jack Snipe, veil the city from outside threats rather than build a sizable army. His warlike daughter Jillian provided an added layer of protection, but her constant clashes with her father led her to often accept mercenary work. While this supplemented the kingdom's coffers, it left the kingdom undefended. Normally, this was a non-issue, as Jack was more than capable of keeping Faq shielded from those who did not know where to look. Unfortunately, Wanda Firebaugh, in her early turns, was given a prophecy by Faq's Predictamancer that she would someday attune to an Arkentool. Wanda proceeded to lure Stanley the Plaid to attack Faq in the hopes that he would croak in the attack, leaving her to claim the Arkenhammer. Amazingly, Stanley not only survived but, with the aid of his Dwagons, he crushed and sacked the city, thus securing his position as a powerful player in Erfworlds constant power struggle.

The Rebirth of Faq

With the aid of Transylvito and the other coalition forces, Faq has been restored, and Queen Jillian has reluctantly claimed the throne. She is currently believed to the popping an Heir most likely as a contingency plan in case the coalition fails to protect faq.