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Kingdom of Faq was a faction and a Capital Side in Erfworld. Faq was a home faction for Jillian Zamussels.

Faq consisted of a capital (apparently of the same name) and two subordinate cities. It was surrounded with mountains on all sides and accessible only by air and tunnel.[1]

King Banhammer was the last ruler of Faq prior to its fall. Jillian Zamussels was his daughter and a heir to the throne.

Mercenary Work

Although the kingdom had mines and farms it also sent its units to do mercenary work with gwiffon squads to boost the treasury.[2] Apparently Jillian assumed command over them after she popped up and was able to reach a relatively high level as a result of her combat experience.

Reliance on Magic

King Banhammer relied heavily on the use of magic and had multiple Casters, including:

Predictamancer foretold the eventual fall of the kingdom (which led King Banhammer to order an heir popped that happened to be Jillian).

When enemy units appeared nearby Foolamancer was able veil one city at a time (as determined by Predictamancer[6] and thus managed to keep the location of Faq hidden for a long time. That, however, has not saved Faq from destruction.

Fall of Faq

Readers are led to believe that Faq has fallen in a quick attack from Stanley the Plaid. Jillian mentions that she received a message from Faq about a large overflight of dwagons when she was away on a mission and was a Barbarian on her next turn.[7]

Whoever attacked and destroyed Faq has not rebuilt the capital and it currently remains in ruin. Potentially it can be rebuilt by Jillian to restore her side and become an Overlord and a Queen.[8] Apparently it can also be claimed by other factions to either start a new side[9] or apparently bring additional income.[10]


Faq seems to be located in relative vicinity to Kingdom of Transylvito as Transylvito units passed by Faq (although not seeing it) from time to time.[11]