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Proposed Canon

The Kingdom of Faq was a Capital Side in Erfworld. It has been destroyed.

Faq consisted of a Capital of the same name and two subordinate cities. It was surrounded with mountains on all sides and accessible only by air and tunnel.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG

King Banhammer was the last Ruler of Faq prior to its fall. Jillian Zamussels was his daughter and a heir to the throne.

Known Characters

Mercenary Work

Although the kingdom had mines and farms it also sent its units to do mercenary work to supplement the treasury.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG Jillian assumed command over these mercenaries after she had problems with King Banhammer. Her employment as a mercenary provided her with combat experience that helped her reach a relatively high level. This left her in the field when Wanda conspired with Stanley to attack Faq, and subsequently left her with all the mercenaries as a Barbarian force. Jillian remains the only known former Faq Unit that is not working for Stanley the Tool.

Reliance on Magic

King Banhammer relied heavily on the use of magic and had multiple Casters, including a PredictamancerErf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG, a Croakamancer (Wanda Firebaugh), and a Foolamancer (Jack Snipe)Erf-b1-p107Same-site.PNG.

King Banhammer sought a peaceful, non-violent existence for his Kingdom, and so avoided combat that put his nation at risk. When enemy units appeared nearby (usually passing through his territory unaware a nation existed there), the Predictamancer was able to lay out the route the force would follow, allowing Jack to Veil one City at a time; thus, he managed to keep the location of Faq hidden until Wanda's betrayal destroyed the side.

Fall of Faq

The Predictamancer foretold the eventual fall of the kingdom of Faq. This led King Banhammer to order an heir popped: that Unit was Jillian Zamussels. The two failed to get along, and so Jillian took service leading Faq's mercenaries far from the Kingdom.

Wanda had been given a second Prediction: she would one day attune to an Arkentool. This would lead her to desperate measures in finding her destiny. She eventually learned of Stanley the Plaid, a Warlord in the service of King Saline IV at the time, who had attuned to the Arkenhammer. Thinking to take this Arkentool from him, she conspired with Stanley to bring him to Faq. Her intent was to see Stanley die in the attack on her side. She had over-estimated Faq's defenses, and so Stanley succeeded in destroying and pillaging Faq, ending the side.

The mercenaries, including Jillian, became Barbarians as a result of the loss of their side and continued their lives as they had been living, but seeking information on their homeland whenever possible. Jillian is the only human unit known to survive this lifestyle, but she is not yet aware of Wanda's part in the destruction of Faq. Jillian is the only known Faq unit that is not working for Stanley the Tool.


Faq is located in the vicinity of the Kingdom of Transylvito. Transylvito units passed by Faq (although not seeing it) periodically.Erf-b1-p138Same-site.PNG It is located deep within the High Mountains, nearly impassible except for fliers and tunnelers.Erf-b1-p099Same-site.PNG

It is northeast of Carport of the Carpudlians side.


In the future, Faq might be restored. If Jillian were to reclaim her Capital, she might be able to restore the Side.

At the time of this writing (Summer Update 9), it is more likely that Transylvito will claim the Cities of Faq, unaware that Stanley the Tool has restored Gobwin Knob and has an army of fliers that includes Dwagons and Archons that could threaten it. Transylvito has already been attacked by Stanley, and he is aware of the location of Faq, which may make these two sides opponents in the near future. Since Transylvito Vampires fly and their main Units are legions of flying Doombats, the carnage will be significant.

Real World References

The name is a pun on FAQ. There are a lot of frequently asked questions about Faq; fortunately, there have been many answers, or the name wouldn't work out too well. Faq is also a pun on "The Eternal Questions," such as 'Who am I?', 'What do I want?', 'What is my purpose for being?', 'Is there an afterlife?', 'What is my role in society?', etc.