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*Can be modded by the user
*Can be modded by the user
** Different username
** Different username
** Different alert sounds. (These might be references to Monkey Combat)
** Different alert sounds.

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Proposed Canon

Eyebooks are Magic Items created by the Eyemancer fusion magic in Gobwin Knob. As a magic item, and not a spell, they continue to function even after the Eyemancer fusion was broken.


  • Communication between Eyebook holders
  • Store information like a Journal or Klog


  • Can be resized to match the size of the user
  • Does not need to be written in; the user need only subvocalize to use it.


Charlie, who holds the Arkendish, is able to communicate through the Eyebook to ParsonErf-b1-p100Same-site.PNG, but without an Eyebook of his own. This may be due to the Arkendish's ability to provide an attuned user with "unmatched" Thinkamancy, or an even more dangerous ability of the Arkendish to hack into presumed secure Thinkamancy-based communications.


  • Can be modded by the user
    • Different username
    • Different alert sounds.


Eyebook is a homophone to iBook making it a reference to a line of Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone, and of course the iBook. In fact, most of the sounds made by Eyebooks seem to be classic Mac system alert sounds.