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Pictured: Chickpea, Tondy's first etsie
Class: Dollamancy cloth golem
Move: 0
Hits: 1
Combat: 0
Defense: 0

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 263

Etsie are a type of Dollamancy unit. Most attempts to create an Etsie, which takes an entire turn's worth of an archon's juice, merely yield a motionless doll, but one in twenty become a very weak unit.

Etsies don't have move, cannot attack, take one hit to destroy and don't have any specials. They take 1 Shmucker of upkeep. However, since they are a unit, they can be used to be deployed throughout the side's territory as an early warning of an advancing enemy – non-scout unled units would auto-engage and immediately croak them.

Known users

Real World References

Etsy is a well-known peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused mostly on handmade items and crafting, such as crochet animals.