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A fictional universe where the main story of Erfworld webcomic takes place. It seems that Erfworld exists in the state of permanent war between beings and factions that populate it.

In the words of Parson, "an alternate univese which resembles a strategy game, filled with tiny cute people".[1]


It is believed that Erfworld was created by Titans.[2]


Common environment of Erfworld resembles that of Europe or North America on Earth. Forests are quite common (at least, around Gobwin Knob[3][4][5]), there are mountains[6][7][8] and lakes[9].
Erfworld is illuminated by the sun during the day[10] and the moon and stars during the night[11].

Laws of Nature

The main laws of nature seem to follow common rules of turn-based strategies.
Some laws of physics from our universe (such as gravity[12][13][14]) seem to apply to Erfworld.

Notable Locations