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Current Organization

Currently page are sorted into one of 74 Categories


  • Without knowing the wiki's contents well, it can be difficult to get a sense of what's here.
    • There is no intuitive path from the main page to most of the contents, without being specifically aware of the contents already.
  • Categories are uncategorized. The Categories page has too many entires for easy browsing.

Proposed systems

  • Tree System
    • The main page would be the root
    • Each page about something general would point have links to things more specific. i.e. Main page ->mechanics -> magic -> thinkamancy -> thinkagram
    • Redundant trees could be added for multiple paradigms.

Potential Structure

In looking through the categories already extent in the wiki, there are only a handful of top-level categories for content:

There is also, at present, a second, parallel tree structure based on content type and "value":

So, there are two existing paradigms under which most of the regular content pages live. As such, perhaps it is just an issue of codifying and enforcing those paradigms more effectively.