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Fan-created material that can be accepted within the current state of Erfworld canon is termed "fanon".

Fanon and the Creators

The creators of Erfworld reserve the right to wholeheartedly and unapologetically borrow, cannibalise, and abuse fanon ideas. Fanon material that is adopted into the offical Erfworld body, of course, becomes canon.

Conflicts with Canon

Fan-created material that conflicts with canon material is Forked Up. Forked Up material may be modified to fit the canon; if the differences are irreconcilable, the material becomes Banon.

Rejected Fanon

The Creators and their appointed representatives on Earth may designate certain fan material as inappropriate to the scope of Erfworld, for any arbitrary reason they see fit. This material may still be presented on the wiki, but it is Banon and not a part of Erfworld in any way. The Erfworld community et al. take no responsibility for material contained in Banon pages.