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If you are willing to help, check out this list of "notes to self" maintained by several Erfwiki contributors. This is not an action plan for everyone to follow. But you can certainly help if you take a look and do some of these things.

Things are listed roughly in the order of decreasing urgency: urgent stuff is on top, long term things are in the bottom.

Ongoing stuff

Urgent stuff

  • Check all Erfworld-related articles and make sure that they follow Canon/Proposed Canon/Speculation scheme that Rob suggested
  • Update other articles with references to the comic archive on (as opposed to that on Use the {{erf}} template.
  • Copy Rob's posts that contain important information about Erfworld on the GitP forums to Word of the Titans article for easier reference and in order to save information.
  • Come up with Style Guidelines for Erfwiki (they are still under discussion, but it would be great if you followed them, and helped develop them).
  • Discuss integrating the panel by panel annotation with the page by page annotation.

Long term stuff

Maintenance Tasks