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The Bureaucrat is a special class with high leadership and potent administration ability which boosts a sides production base while in residence in a production site. When away and traveling across the countryside it is of no value to a side other than as a remote observation point and point of presence; they have no value other than their effect on organizational efficiency, which is VERY pronounced.

Notice that this is an doubly open ended scale, centered on ZERO; while many bureaucrats have positive values, some reaching large numbers, some have NEGATIVE values, DECREASING productivity. Alas, these frequently appear to have POSITIVE value when first popped or hired onto a side, particularly when hiring barbarian bureaucrats.

When popping one, the production process in house tends to enhance the likelihood of the value being positive, but even then there is a moderate chance that it is negative in effect. It is imperative to rid one's side of negative polarity bureaucratic staff AS SOON AS DETECTED, before they can become entrenched and practically unremovable. This takes 24 months-IQ, so the smarter ones become entrenched VERY rapidly, and thereafter can only be removed with dynamite or other in house attack methods, ending with a ceremonial defenestration, which tends to cause talk- and lowers morale 2D6 until a relevant specialist massages the side's morale base 3 times.