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Banon is rejected fanon. Banon pages may be left on the wiki, but they are not associated with Erfworld as a whole. The creators of Erfworld and the administration of do not accept responsibility for the contents of Banon pages.

How to treat Banon material

Despite its nasty-sounding name, banon is not necessarily a stigmatic term. "Banon" constitutes material that is not, and never will be, an official part of Erfworld in any way, and that's about it.

Banon material does not need to be moved, truncated, or deleted unless the creators or administration determine that it must be. Speculative "what if" fan fiction is banon; however, it is still welcome on this wiki. Please do not attack banon pages, and do not be offended if fan material you create becomes banon.

Criteria for Banon

Forked up fanon pages which do not fit canon may become banon if those responsible for the material decide that the differences are irreconcilable. This should be considered a voluntary change by the creator(s) of the fan material in question, but in some cases the change should be self evident. For example, a short story about Bogroll's life as Parson's lackey after the Battle for Gobwin Knob is never going to be canon; thus, it does not belong in the forked up class. However, such material does not need to be removed, truncated, or deleted.

The creators and staff of reserve the right to move any fan material into the banon category at a whim. This is not a disputable claim: material that has been moved to banon should remain there unless the banon state is revoked by someone of sufficient canonical authority.

Punishment for offensive content

Particularly offensive content may be summarily removed, and if necessary punitive measures may be taken against repeat creators; this is considered a last resort by the generally anti-deletionist staff here. The administration of this site reserves the right to decide what constitutes offensive material.