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This page is for editing mistakes: if someone edits something that has unforseen consequences, and does not know how to fix those resulting consequences, senior Users need to be alerted immediately to the more significant accidents. This page was created as a result of such circumstances.

It is proposed that most Users "watch" this page so as to be informed as soon as possible to assess the situation and begin damage control or cleanup.

Alert List


Significant, Need-To-Be-Fixed

I try to categorize several templates used in the TBFGK Panels as "Utility Templates." However, something apparently went wrong, because now ALL TBFGK Panels are included in the Category:Utility Templates section. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this, and have no idea how to get in contact with someone who does. I created this page in the hope that 1) someone will notice that "Utility Templates" now has 215 members; 2) if a similar accident occurs, the user will have somewhere to alert others of the accident, and the community will be able to solve the problem sooner.


Not as Significant, should be fixed sometime