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Welcome to Erfwiki

This is a tool. Use it as the Titans would.

The ErfWiki is a companion resource to the webcomic Erfworld, created by Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi

This permutation of the Erfworld Wiki was created April 4, 2009. Previously, articles were written and posted on a Wikia Scratchpad site found here:


This wiki is meant to keep track of information about Erfworld and things related to Erfworld. It is the definitive source of canon, proposed canon, and speculation about the story, setting and mechanics of the Erfworld universe. Our operating principle is to "add useful information." Even trivial and tangential information and topics that pass this usefulness test should be added.

Hey, that's the grtaeset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?


Articles which are not about the Erfworld universe will be a lot like articles in any other wiki. For instance, the article on conventions can be an account of past and future conventions attended by Jamie and Rob, with no special rules other than to keep things reasonably factual and relevant. Do not use rules or policies from Wikipedia. This is not an encyclopedia, but a Tool.

Articles about the Erfworld universe will have one to three sections: canon, proposed canon, and speculation. An article may start out as speculation, but be elevated to proposed canon or canon over time. For instance, say you are wondering about pink dwagons. You have seen them in the comic, using a breath weapon that seems to work like bubble gum. You create an article about pink dwagons with your guesses about the function of their breath weapon, and place all your information in a section labeled Speculation, or some of it in that section, and the parts you are pretty sure are close to the way it really works in Erfworld as Proposed Canon. Rob, Jamie, or someone they appoint will take a look at the proposed canon and possibly elevate it to a section called Canon. Canon information can be generally relied on to reflect "the way things are in Erfworld, according to the creators."

Making Stuff Up

You are welcome to add your own material to the Erfworld universe. Fan-created material that doesn't conflict with the Canon of Erfworld is called Fanon, and should be labeled as such, to make it clear that it's not part of the official Erfworld body. While there are no hard limits to what kind of Fanon you can make, be aware that the Terms of Use and Fan Creation Guidelines grant full and unlimited use of your ideas to the creators of Erfworld, and that other fans are free to edit anything you post.

Very true! Makes a cnaghe to see someone spell it out like that. :)