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Proposed Canon

One of the three axes of magic (along with Fate and Numbers) used to break a major class of magic into its different disciplines.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Class\Axis Erf
Hocus Pocus Findamancy
Spookism Turnamancy
Stuffamancy Dirtamancy
Eyemancy Lookamancy
Hippiemancy Flower Power
Naughtymancy Shockmancy
Stagemancy Hat Magic
Clevermancy Luckamancy


Erf, possibly derived from the word "Earth", tends to deal with the physical, tangible, and practical. Findamancy locates a unit, object, or location that exists. Turnamancy affects a unit's Loyalty or a city's unit production. Dirtamancy creates and heals golems from available material, and can move and restructure the Erf itself. Lookamancy allows you to see a distant location as it is at that moment. Flower Power and Shockmancy have direct effects on units. Hat Magic creates magic hats and transports physical matter. Least clearly physical is Luckamancy, which seems to directly affect reality.