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This is a page for speculative theories that aren't tied to a particular unit or concept, but to the comic as a whole. Add a new theory under its own subheader. Any theories, relying on spoilers should be kept under the {{Spoiler}} template. Also can you please sign your theories with your wiki id, as it makes it easier to identify people.

Some Theories may be also found at the WMG page of TV Tropes


Dancefight is a sign of unusual ambition

Dancefight is not an inherent ability, but something that must be learnt. But because that means to admit that they are not perfect, most royals don't bother to learn. Stanley, Wanda, Vinny, Charley or Jillian don't have such sentiments. This willingness to improve themselves is also a prerequisite to attune to an arkentool.
Stanley put effort into learning dancefight when he was infantry and was so successful that he was promoted to warlord.

Ansom knows how to Dancefight (or, rather, Dance, Dance, Revolution! Fight) and was unable to attune to the Arkenpliers. I don't think dancefighting shows a "willingness to improve oneself" that distinguishes those who can attune from those who cannot.--Wrecan 21:10, 25 June 2009 (UTC)
No, Dance, Dance, Revolution!-Fighting does not require the same willingness to improve oneself. Ansom was not able to lead his troops in dance-fighting until he was guided by the Archons. Typical for a noble, he found a shortcut to doing something that would otherwise require a willingness to learn and a commitment to practice. -- Yehonatan 19:34, 21 August 2009 (UTC)

Unusual exuberance, you mean. Wanda learned to dance-fight in Faq. But because there was no fighting before Jillian, and Faq was such a bubble kingdom, there was only one dance they learned... The YATTA! Dance. (Warning: The link should not be watched by the weak of stomach, or in the act of drinking.)--BarGamer 21:18, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Decrypted and Upkeep

Decrypted "steal" upkeep from their original side. Thus, Ansom has no upkeep. However, if Wanda decrypts a Gobwin Knob unit, it has normal upkeep. Only the wielder of the ArkenPliers can disband Decrypted, making a Decrypted unit part of an economic warfare initiative.--BarGamer 18:24, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

Perpetual Warfare is not natural to Erfworld

Rather than the tabletop rpg setting of constant combat that we see today, Erfworld REALLY started off like a time/resource management simulator, and all the sides were supposed to be racing to see who could create the most profitable society in the least amount of time. Somewhere in the distant past, one side got ahead of itself and kept claiming more cities than it could pay for, and was in danger of going bankrupt (and thus "losing" according to the original game) when it stumbled upon a hack that could save it... attacking other sides. Other sides heard the idea and started to copy it in part or in whole, more sides were forced to join in simply for self-defense, and with all the focus on making it through the war, all resources were turned to making warriors. Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of turns later, we are at the Erfworld of today... no one even remembers the world's original intent, or that there even was a time when warfare wasn't an option. The only ones who even have an inkling are the Hippiemancers, who dream of a world without conflict... and Charlie, who is only in it for the shmuckers. --No one in particular

Alternate Types of Warfare
On the other hand, perhaps Erfworld was meant to be a testing ground for a different type of conflict. Instead of the straight Nation versus Nation conflict it currently is, or the economic arms race proposed previously, Erfworld was supposed to be about class warfare. Royals versus Commoners. The bonus Royals get would have represented the claim to rule by birthright; faster leveling for education not available to commoners, and possibly a better diet. For balance, the Commoners were given a quicker pop-rate and the Arkentools. After all, of the three Tools seen, all have been attuned to non-royals. This would have been representative of the fact that although royalty leads, the commoners are the tool-users, the doers.
Considering that there's no birth in Erfworld and everyone is popped, that would make the Royals belief in their lineage-based divine mandate a... Populist movement? --No one in particular

Charlie is not a Thinkamancer

Charlie is, in fact, a moneymancer. All of his thinkamancy is provided by the Arkendish, rather than augmented and boosted by it. His single-minded pursuit of shmuckers is not just to pay for the upkeep for his Archons, but because they are the source of all his power instead of juice. All of this is, of course, a closely guarded secret. --No one in particular


Bad Acid

Ashna spiked Parson's Peeps with some bad acid. Parson's Klog #1 was RIGHT, this IS all a bad hallucinatory dream, a modern-day 'Wizard of Oz' or the more apt 'Alice in Wonderland,' complete with political commentary and bad puns. The trouble is, Parson doesn't get to escape and come back again before Book 2 comes out, because his RL body overdosed on it, or perhaps his immune system is just that weak, and he's in a permanent coma. (Or however long Jamie and Rob can ride this GravyTrain. XD)--BarGamer 21:18, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Dreamscale time

To build on that, the entirety of book 1 might take place only within a few minutes of real time. Parson dreams very quickly.

Seems the other gamers also had some

One general problem with that theory is that the narrative regularly cuts away from Hamster, showing stuff he doesn't know about. For events within Erf, this could perhaps be explained away as the workings of his subconscious mental gamemaster; but in the last three panels of Erf-b1-p016Same-site.PNG, set entirely in Stupidworld, the gaming group witnesses and comments on Parson's disappearance.

Rejected Uncroaked Ansom

The authors have really let something slip, here. The Arkenplier's creature focus is not Uncroaked... But the entire Side of Transylvito, which Ansom clearly resembled with his glowing red eyes, black motif, and unhealthy-looking skin. In fact, that was one of the reasons why Vinny and, by association, Transylvito joined the Coalition: Even when not attuned, the bearer of the ArkenPliers can inspire feelings of Loyalty, Obedience, and Duty (LOaD) in Transylvito units. This is proved by Erf-b1-p042Same-site.PNG--BarGamer 21:18, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

I mean, Uncroaked are alright, but thinking, active Sides in your Alliance are something else, as proved by the Archon's similar LOaD to Charlie. In addition to being able to be popped like normal units, Transylvito units can also 'convert' others to their Side like Caesar Borgata threatened to do to Jillian in the last comic that he was featured in, by drinking the victim's blood, and making them drink Transylvito blood. If a unit is not Uncroaked, and another Transylvito unit is not nearby to assist in this, the ArkenPliers can do this directly by physically (Ansom's probable favored tactic)or Magically (Wanda's probable favored tactic) pulling on the victim's canines, making them longer.--BarGamer 21:18, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Jillian and Stanley screwed up with fate

It was destined to collect all the arkentools in Faq. Jillian was the supposed wielder of the arkenhammer, and Stanley no more than a tool to bring it to her. Later she was supposed to find the arkenpliers and bring them to Wanda. The arkendish was supposed to go to Jack. A fourth known arkentool was reserved for the unnamed predictamancer of Faq.

Unfortunately Jillian was naughty and ignored an order to come home in the right time, thus condeming Faq and the predictamancer to obliteration. The arkenhammer felt that, became bored and choose Stanley as its wielder. --Welf von Ehrwald 16:32, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Parson will escape to the Magic Kingdom

And once there, he will form a new side! And they will be composed entirely of hippiemancers! And they will proudly embrace the tuber-like appearance of their leader! Parson and his new side will be called... the Baked Potatoes! Prince Tremennis may be allowed to join, but only if he asks nicely.--No one in particular

Charlie is behind everything

And I do mean EVERYTHING. Every time Jaclyn offered free advice about who was under spells? That was on Charlie's command. Her death at Gobwin's Knob, so as to be oh-so-conveniently unavailable for free consultations later? A clever ploy on Charlie's part for total deniability. And these are just the obvious ones! It goes SO. MUCH. DEEPER.

That extra gem that the marbits found? Charlie knocked it loose. The exorbitant price for the support plan for the "Summon Perfect Warlord" spell? Charlie named it. The idea for the coalition in the first place? Charlie and some of his unmatched thinkamancy at work. Stanley finding the Arkenhammer? Charlie set it up! Parson only being able to get a crappy job at Kinko's? Charlie was a reference on his resume! Jillian and her string of love interests? Charlie is her matchmaker! Bogroll making pigeon pie? Charlie gave him the recipe! And the greatest twist of all..? Charlie is actually none other than... Jack. That's right. The foolamancer has been playing the fool... and playing us ALL for fools. ---No one in particular

Interesting... You know, that twist ending would work rather well with the theory that the Arkentools were to be collected in Faq Miment

Parson really IS an eldritch abomination

The Summon Perfect Warlord spell failed. Critically. When Wanda cast it, she came up all 1s. This allowed a monstrosity from some unfathomable, unbearable dimension to access Erfworld, where it inserted itself. Just to have some fun with it, the abomination took the form of some random schlub from another dimension, similar in shape to the people of Erfworld but unmistakably different. And I do mean took. It literally stole the form of the person, reducing them to nothingness. Every inconvenience "Parson" has put up with, from obeying Stanley's orders, to not swearing, to not being able to cross hexes or ride mounts... has been an act. "Parson" is not bound by any such limitations. He has just been acting, lulling people into false assumptions and toying with them, so that when he utterly crushes them it will be all the more amusing. In the end, "Parson" will break Erfworld just as Janis hopes... since she is, after all, the head cultist who engineered his summoning. Charlie... Charlie may either be the real hero, guardian of Erfworld, he may be a fellow abomination who doesn't care for another showing up in his backyard, he may simply be another "face" of the abomination that is "Parson"... or he might just be doomed along with everyone else.

So, in summary:

  • The real Parson is dead.
  • Erfworld is booped. There is NO hope.
  • Janis used Flower Power to plant the seeds of destruction.
  • The peeps shall inherit the Erf.

Personally, I welcome our new potato overlords. ---No one in particular