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{{Office Holder
{{Office Holder
| Office=[[Chief Warlord]] of [[Gobwin Knob]]
| Office=[[Chief Warlord]] of [[Gobwin Knob]]
| Previous=[[Stanley the Tool|Stanley the Plaid]] ''(presumed)''
| Previous=''presumedly''<br>[[Stanley the Tool|Stanley the Plaid]]
| Next=[[Sir Leeroy Jenkins]]
| Next=[[Sir Leeroy Jenkins]]

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Ensign Toast
Race: Men, Uncroaked
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

Ensign Toast was an uncroaked warlord for Stanley the Plaid.


As he is last in order of "freshness" Erf-b1-p027Same-site.PNG, it is possible that Ensign Toast was one of Stanley's earliest warlords. It is possible that Stanley replaced him with Sir Leeroy Jenkins. Alternatively, Stanley could have selected another warlord whose body was too ravaged in battle to be uncroaked by Wanda, and choosen Sir Leeroy Jenkins later.

Real World References

Apparently his name and attire are references to "cannon fodder" redshirt characters in Star Trek television series.

Preceded by:
Stanley the Plaid
Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob Succeeded by:
Sir Leeroy Jenkins