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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 50

Efbaum is a Level 5 Haffaton City. It lies at the end of a yellow road and is Emerald in hue. It was once the Capital of the most powerful Side in Erfworld and run by Charlie. It is the location of the Olive Garden where Judy Gale, the Overlord of Haffaton, is kept imprisoned.


Judy Gale refers to it as 'old el-Efbaum,' which may suggest that the city has been renamed, that Efbaum is a nickname or that it was sacked during its conquest by Haffaton, rebuilt and given a new, very similar name.

Real-World References

The City is, of course, related to the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz and presumably named for the author of that story L. Frank Baum.

Its name may sound like 'F-Bomb' when spoken aloud.

Judy refers to the city as 'old el-Efbaum.' Since 'el' means 'the' in Spanish, this effectively makes the city's name 'the Efbaum,' simultaneously incorporating L. F. Baum's name and 'the F-Bomb.'