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(Former Inhabitants: Just a guess I suppose, but her sister was confirmed as Overlord, so...)
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==Former Inhabitants==
==Former Inhabitants==
*[[Bell]], [[Caster]], Ruler, deceased
*[[Bell]], [[Caster]], [[Overlady]], deceased
=Real World References=
=Real World References=

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Proposed Canon

Easteros was an Erfworld Side led by Bell, who owned the Arkenshoes. It was part of a Tribe of green skinned men. It was allied with Westeregg, another Side of the same Tribe, that was led by the Ruler's sister. This alliance fought against el-Efbaum and Haffaton. The Side was destroyed following a casting of the Perfect Warlord Spell.

Former Inhabitants

Real World References

By switching the first two letters in Easteros and Westeregg, the names become Westeros (the main continent of The Song of Ice and Fire series of books) and Easter Egg (a hidden feature in a video or program). Whether or not this will be plot relevent is unknown.