Eager Elves

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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 21

Eager Elves are an Elf brand.

As part of the Royal Crown Coalition, they were intended to be in the first wave to invade Gobwin Knob after the walls were breachedErf-b1-p021Same-site.PNG. They are the first Units shown in combat with the defenders at the breach in the Outer Walls, engaging the forces of Ensign Toast and Archduke Ferdinand.Erf-b1-p123Same-site.PNG


Eager Elves are likely the most capable warriors of all the elf tribes. They seem to favor close combat over archery. Their combat stats are probably above average, at the expense of archery and other stats. They likely pop strong warlords and poor casters. They are also likely expensive to pop and upkeep. They may receive a combat bonus to being the first to attack, and a deduction for being forced to wait. Perhaps they have a negative Obedience modifier to orders to remain out of combat. Their warlords may have use of an unusual variety of magic items, including boomerangs, bows, bombs, shields, swords, and more.

Real World References

They look like Link from the Legend of Zelda video game.