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Dwagons SpecialAttacks.png

Large, scaly flying reptile with the ability to project a dangerous substance from its mouth (in most cases), and also capable of making powerful close combat attacks. A non-humanoid flying unit. Can be used as a mount.[1][2][3] Colour coded for your convenience, known varieties include:

Blue Dwagon

Breath Weapon: Electricity[4]

Black Dwagon

Breath Weapon: Black smoke or gas[5]

Green Dwagon

Or should that be Gween Dwagon?

Breath Weapon: Apparently some kind of gas cloud.[6]

Pink Dwagon

Breath Weapon: A pink, bubblegum like substance demonstrated to entrap and, presumably suffocate the target.[7][8][9]

Purple Dwagon

(Insert facts here)

Red Dwagon

Breath Weapon: Flames![10][11][12]

Yellow Dwagon

Breath Weapon: Not so much breath ... the yellow dwagon's special attack involves defecating copiously on its target. Boop![13][14]

Known Dwagon Users

So far the only faction known to use Dwagons is the Gobwin Knob faction (formerly the Plaid Tribe) led by Stanley the Tool. It is repeatedly stated that he controls them through the use of the Arkenhammer and it may be they are not normally a faction unit.