Duncan Scone

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Duncan Scone
Race: Men
Faction: Faq, formerly Jitterati
Class: Warlord
Level: 6
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: First Intermission 49

Duncan Scone is Faq's Chief Warlord. When captured, he was a level 6 Warlord, described as a mocha-skinned bald man.

Formerly a Jitterati unit, he was in command of Valdez's defenses when Jillian, Vinny, and their forces attacked.

He agreed to Parley with Jillian, who then induced Jitterati's natural allies, the Western Giants, to switch allegiances to Faq. She then captured him, and he was later turned to Faq by Vanna.

Real World References

His name is a homonym for "Dunking Scone" or perhaps "Dunkin'," a reference to a baked treat often taken with coffee and the manner in which it is enjoyed. Additionally, his name could also reference the coffee shop/baked good chain "Dunkin' Donuts". His skin is mocha-colored, again referencing coffee either a bean from Yemen or a type of drink, and he wears Jitterati's livery of white with a circular green symbol, a reference to Starbucks.

His name may also be a reference to the character of Duncan Idaho from Frank Herbert's Dune series.