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Lady Dove Barstool
Race: Men
Faction: Barbarian
Class: Caster (Carnymancer)

Proposed Canon

"Maybe I can hook you up. I know people."

Strengths: Lateral Thinking, Playing Cards.

Weaknesses: Feeling Optimistic, Finding Gigs.

First Appearance: LIAB 81, speaking: LIAB 90

Dove has curly black hair, coffee-brown eyes and a pretty face. She has Ashen skin, a bit of signamancy that sometimes happens to a caster that'd been through serious hardships. [1]. She normally wears raiment in shades of gray.

Her signature piece of apparel is a big top hat with three playing cards in the band. She describes it as a magical hat, but whether it's Hat Magician magical or Carny "magic" has not been revealed yet. It is possible that she can cast Hat Magic, especially as Hat Magic and Carnymancy are both Stagemancy.


First seen as part of the squad of Carnies backing up Jojo in his attempt to waylay Parson during his dash to the Spacerock Portal, she got in a scuffle with the Predictamancers when Parson returned through the reopened Portal to escape the Inferno that the City had become.[2]

In episode 8 of the story arc Digdoug, her name was revealed to be Lady Dove Barstool. She is apparently a Barbarian, but prefers the term "free". Upon meeting Digdoug, she attempts to guess what sort of caster he's looking for and get commissioned for a finder's fee, before finding out that he's looking for Carnymancer and being asked for help in cheating a Prediction.


Jojo Jeftichew

Dove was a member of Jojo's stack during the final push to the Jetstone portal. How well they know each other is unclear; their interactions seem polite, and Dove backed Jojo when he announced his reversal on the subject of letting Parson through.

Real world references

The words "dove" and "pigeon" both can refer to members of the same family of birds, implying that her name translates as "stool pigeon."

A Dove bar is a dessert bar with vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate.

Dove is a brand of bar soap.

Some kinds of bar stools resemble the same dress worn by Lady Barstool.

She may be modeled after the top hat wearing stage magician comic book character Zatanna


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