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Proposed Canon

Dollamancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Spookism, and composed solely of the element of Motion; it is aligned with the axis of Fate.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

"Look, there's a lot you can do in Dollamancy. It's fabrication with a motion element, right?" -Ace Hardware, LIAB Text 30


  • Can create small nonmagical items, such as tools or baskets, or Raiment (armor or clothes).
  • Heal cloth golems and perhaps other created units.
  • Provides a leadership/combat bonus to their golems, similar to a Croakamancer with Uncroaked units or Dirtamancers with their golems

Known Dollamancers


  • Related to 'dressing up' units and buildings. Benefits other than aesthetic are unknown. May increase Loyalty of units?
  • May involve a 'Voodoo Doll' type of control that forces a unit to act against its own will.
  • Accessories are created by Dollamancy. These may be Magic Items, or may be mundane.
  • It may be possible for a Dollamancer to create Units from wood, like wooden horses or nutcrackers. Or wood Golems.
  • It might be possible to create a sort of golem construct for training, like a quintain, which can easily be salvaged after being defeated for experience.

Natural Dollamancy

  • Maggie said Twolls have a form of natural dollamacy, allowing them to construct some non-magical items such as Parson's breast plate.
  • Maggie also indicated Warlords and some casters have a form of natural dollamancy that allows them to create their own livery for their units. An example of this is when Wanda causes the units she mass-uncroaked during the siege of Gobwin Knob to appear wearing Parson's hamstard livery.
  • Some evidence suggests that dwagons practice a form of Natural Dollamancy as some seem to have armor and others do not. This armor is similar to that used by armored horses in Medieval conflicts.