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Disbanding is an event that ends the existence of a Unit, the equivalent of unpopping for living units. The unit disappears without a trace, along with any non-magical equipment it may be wearing. Items not worn by the disbanded unit, magic items, and artifacts, are left behind.

A unit may be disbanded when:

  1. the Ruler chooses to disband the unit.Erf-b1-p072Same-site.PNG This is instantaneous and permanent. It may be applied to any unit controlled by the ruler, wherever that unit is located.
  2. the unit is in the field when its ruler croaks without an heir.Erf-b1-p098bSame-site.PNG
  3. the unit, while under a Loyalty spell, refuses an order or otherwise acts in a disloyal manner.Erf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG
  4. the unit's Ruler is unable to pay its upkeep cost, or a Barbarian unit is unable to pay its own cost.

Proposed Canon

"Disband" is used by the members of Erfworld as a curse word, somewhat akin to "damn" or "be damned". Examples include "Titans disband" in the Book 2 Text Update 6External.png.

Barbarian Warlords (and presumably Natural Ally Chiefs and Rulers of sides, as well) can set a predetermined Disbanding Order. This ensures that in the event of bankruptcy, the units lost due to unpaid upkeep are not random; low-priority or trouble units disband first rather than valuable or preferred units, those can be kept safe at the far end of the list.