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Proposed Canon


Dirtamancy is one of the three disciplines of the magic class Stuffamancy, which is aligned to the element of Matter. Dirtamancy is aligned with the axis of Erf.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

It is apparently a rare discipline and highly valued around the Magic Kingdom. Conversely it seems to be under-appreciated outside of the Magic Kingdom.


  • Moving and digging through solid stone.
  • Creating and healing Dirtamancy golems such as
Crap Golems
Acid Rock Golems
Soft Rock Golems
Hard Rock Golems
Metal Golems
  • Creation of booby traps. (Could be solely the application of enhanced digging or tunneling abilities.)
  • Construction and demolition of buildings and similar battlefield and civil engineering tasks.
    • Building walls, tilling gardens, digging foundations, making stone paths, etc.
  • Alteration of terrain type. (Accomplished by a Dirtamancer linked by a Thinkamancer to a Croakamancer.)

Known Dirtamancers

Sizemore Rockwell in the service of the Plaid Tribe.

Dirtamancer Bonuses

A Dirtamancer is also known to give a substantial combat bonus to Dirtamancy golems under his or her command.

A Dirtamancer present in the city at the time of an upgrade also substantially reduces the cost.

A Dirtamancer that is present when a city upgrades dictates the look of the city and the livery (if any) present within.


As a form of Stuffamancy, Dirtamancy is aligned with Matter, but not with Life or Motion. However, most of the abilities which a Dirtamancer commands seem to allow him to either grant matter a magical substitute for Life (as in the creation of golems), or to involve the movement of matter, (such as in the construction of tunnels.)

Natural Dirtamancy

The building and upgrading of a city is a form of natural dirtamancy, as is sacking a city by an enemy.