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[[Category:Cities of Erfworld]]
[[Category:Cities of Erfworld]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Real-World References]]
[[Category:Real World References]]

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Proposed Canon


"Dhrystone was a city of great enduring power, one of Jetstone's three Level Fives. A sprawling stone citadel with an equally impressive garrison, its mossy gray ramparts rose up out of the dense pine forest with serene grace.

This city was one of the few things Prince Ossomer considered beautiful enough to be worth standing and admiring for a while. It was built much as he himself was: tall, hard, chiseled, majestic, and quietly, implicitly violent.

In Ossomer's studied opinion, Dhrystone also popped the finest soldiers in Erfworld. They were the standard by which all others might be measured."

Real-World References

The Dhrystone benchmark is used for measuring computer speed.