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==Real World References==
==Real World References==
Tulips may be a play on "two lips."
===Name Speculation===
===Name Speculation===

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Dewy Tulips
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Flight

Proposed Canon

Dewy is a Female Vampire Warlord. She has brown hair and wears a black headband and a grey pantsuit.

She was one of the Warlords sent by Don King to help Jillian Zamussels and Vinny Doombats in their attempt to stop Stanley the Tool from reaching the Kingdom of Faq. She was also part of Jillian's 'Royal Escort' back to Transylvito, along with Caesar Borgata, Vinny, and Leather Valese.

Real World References

Name Speculation

Dewy Tulips' name may also be a reference to this character's sensuality or romantic nature, as flowers in general, and tulips in particular are often seen in Freudian psychoanalysis to represent the female aspect (or, more specifically, certain parts of the female anatomy). Thus a tulip that is moist with dew could represent something else entirely...

Also, "dewy" can mean "wet" or "spotted with water", so "Dewy Tulips" may (at the same time) mean "dewy two lips", which is similar symbolism.