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Story 1: Lord Crush

Day 1

Firstpost's turn
  1. Episode 1: Lord Crush goes from desert to desserts.

Day 2

  1. Episode 2: Lord Crush's fashion sense is put to the test.

Day 3

  1. Episode 3: Lord Crush clowns around.

Day 5

  1. Episode 4: Lord Crush plans to double the cross.

Day 6

  1. Episode 5: Lord Crush gets dressed down then dressed up.

Story 2: Digdoug

Day 1

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 1: Digdoug gets wet.

Day 3

  1. Episode 2: Digdoug gets fed.

Day 4

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 3: Digdoug gets frustrated.

Day 7

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 4: Digdoug kisses the sweet, sweet erf.
  1. Episode 5: Digdoug spaces out.

Day 8

Numloch's turn
  1. Episode 6: Digdoug courts disaster.
Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 7: Digdoug has a coffee break.

Day 9

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 8: Digdoug picks the right card.
  2. Episode 9: Digdoug, Dove, Bucky and Posbrake take (and discuss) tricks.

Day 17

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 10: Digdoug, Bucky and Peck cut to the heart of the matter.

Day 18

  1. Episode 11: Digdoug and Dove put on a late night show.

Day 19

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 12: King Posbrake gets Peck'd on.
  2. Episode 13: Digdoug sees the light, and Dove helps him breaks a rule.

Day 20

Homekey's turn
  1. Episode 14: Digdoug and Peck discuss defense, an unexpected visitor arrives.
  1. Episode 15: Digdoug casts a Winemancy spell, Bucky spills the soup.

Day 21

Numloch's turn
  1. Episode 16: Digdoug puts on a show.
  2. Episode 17: Prince Creen steals the show.
  3. Episode 18: Something awful happens.

Day 22

  1. Episode 19: It's a Carnyvale and Digdoug's invited.
  2. Episode 20: Digdoug fixes broken pipes, but can he fix his broken heart?
  3. Episode 21:Soup is served.
  4. Episode 22: Dove has a nice ring to it.

Story 3: Duke Forecastle

Day 1

Seaworld's turn
  1. Part 1:Duke Forecastle gets Shanghaied. Seaworld-ide?

Day 2

Seaworld's turn
  1. Part 2: Duke forecastle gets cabin fever.

Day 7

Seaworld's turn
  1. Part 3: Duke Forecastle gets a tour full of nautical nomenclature nonsense.
  1. Part 4: Duke Forecastle gets to know the officers and the known and unknown unknowns.

Day 15-ish

  1. Part 5: The Unsinkable's first trip at sea, drags on.
  2. Part 6: Duke Forecastle gets caught masterfully baiting, sea men approve.

Day 50 - ish

  1. Part 7: Fate gives Duke Forecastle the bird.
  1. Part 8: Admiral Chequer's wrath.
  1. Part 9: Forecastle is back on deck, and Anchorbar is sighted. Things go south from there.
  1. Part 10: Seaworld still can't spot the curveball, and Chequer strikes out.
  1. Part 11: Forecastle is called to bat and decides to storm the mound.
  1. Part 12: Eagle's in flight, and it's lubber vs lubber.
  1. Part 13: With a little help from his friends, Forecastle wins the fight.
  1. Part 14: The unthinkable, the unsinkable sinking sequel.
  1. Part 15: Retreat is such an ugly word. How about "Tactical reassessment"?
  1. Part 16: Forecastle loses his cool and takes a crack at Carrack.
  1. Part 17: Realease the Quakken!
  1. Part 18: Forecastle decides to all too literally gamble for the crew's lives.
  1. Part 19: Be careful what you wish for with a Double Eagle.
  1. Part 20: Operation: catch (the lubber) and release (the Quakken) is a go.

Day 1671 - ish

  1. Part 21: In which Forecastle receives rude guests to his paradise island home.
  2. Part 22: The Battle of Storm Hex Conspiracy is born.
  3. Part 23: Hey mister! You forgot your fish!
    1. Anchorbar's fleet is driven off, but the quakkens remain a threat.
  4. Part 24: Dawn creeps in on little Cat feet
    1. The quakkens are driven off, but Anchorbar returned. Out of Luck, Forecastle tries to flee.
  5. Part 25: Thar she blows! And then Forecastle blew it.
    1. Forecastle maxes out the eagle's luck by playing with a gun whale, and gets the blessing. He finds and founds Eagle Keys, and after all is said and done, pays off a long-standing debt.

Story 4: Dylan and Thomas

Day 1

  1. Part 1: Every night his line is busy.
    1. Dylan Fugue the rhyme-o-mancer tries to meet with Lord Thomas Gunn to discuss the epic that Overlady Bibi wants. Things do not go according to plan.
  2. Part 2: To the Caster at the gates.
    1. Thomas laments not that he's being forced to fight sides led by relatives, but how he's being forced to fight them. After the events at the gate, Dylan seeks the company of Opencola's jester Chester Drawers, and reflects on court intrigue and his abilities as a rhyme-o-mancer.