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<li>[[LIAB 31|Page 31]]: [[Tramennis|Two]] [[Jillian|Queens]] discuss who is a [[Toolism|toolist]], whilst [[Ansom|others]] [[Adam_Antium|disapprove]].
<li>[[LIAB 31|Page 31]]: [[Tramennis|Two]] [[Jillian|Queens]] discuss who is a [[Toolism|toolist]], whilst [[Ansom|others]] [[Adam_Antium|disapprove]].
<li>[[LIAB Text 23|Text Update 23]]: [[Tramennis]] leads a [[golem|teddy bear]]'s picnic to breakfast on [[Ford|salad]].
<li>[[LIAB Text 23|Text Update 23]]: [[Tramennis]] leads a [[golem|teddy bear]]'s picnic to breakfast on [[Ford|salad]].
<li>[[LIAB 32|Page 32]]: [[Ford]] gets crushed, [[Maggie]] cleverly makes a [[Suggestion Spell|suggestion]], and [[Parson]] gets back his job as chief warlord.
<li>[[LIAB 32|Page 32]]: [[Ford]] gets crushed, [[Maggie]] cleverly gets permission to
make a [[Suggestion Spell|suggestion]], and [[Parson]] gets back his job as [[chief warlord]].
[[Category: Comic]]
[[Category: Comic]]

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Issue 1: Meet the Jetstones

Day 1 (75 AW)

Gobwin Knob's turn

  1. Page 1: Stanley heads to the Situation Room to oversee the confrontation between Ansom and Ossomer; Parson shows up fashionably late.
  2. Page 2: A little trip down the Expository Bridge
  3. Page 3: Ansom and Ossomer parley on Expository Bridge; Tramennis is amusing.
  4. Page 4: Ansom and Ossomer discuss Ansom's tactical skills. The battle begins.
  5. Page 5: Wanda consults with Parson on how to proceed. Suspecting a trap, he recommends further reconnaissance.
  6. Page 6: Wanda reveals her "grab-and-go" recon plan, as Ansom chafes under Parson's shadow and the Archons make use of their assets.
  7. Page 7: Dirty old man repeats himself. Archons' lighting proves to be more shocking than their nudity. Jetstone brothers in a tremendously unawesome situation.
  8. Page 8: Ansom is invisible, Ossomer is angry, Tramennis plays with bubble gum, and quadrupled arrows are quadrupled.
  9. Text Update 1: Sizemore visits the Magic Kingdom and reflects on recent events.
  10. Page 9: Wanda helps Ansom subdue Ossomer. They retreat with their hostage.
  11. Text Update 2: Sizemore and Janis discuss Parson, war, and friendship.
  12. Page 10: Ansom and Ossomer discuss evil, Wanda shows off her toy; Ossomer gives her an unpleasant surprise.
  13. Text Update 3: Transylvito parties while watching the war, Caesar very carefully ignores Bunny; the lot of them sobers up unexpectedly.
  14. Page 11: Wanda suggests cost-cutting measures vis a vis Jack, but Stanley puts his foot down.
  15. Text Update 4: Vurp gets in touch with his inner Hobgobwin.
  16. Text Update 5: A bat and a Bunny can reach places other Units cannot scratch.
  17. Page 12: Tramennis wants to scratch his nose; Jillian prepares to scratch an old itch.
  18. Text Update 6: Jillian skulks across the land while she sulks about her band. Titans disband!
  19. Page 13: Parson runs some depressing odds and frightfully annoying questions past Wanda.
  20. Text Update 7: Prince Sammy is ready to rock; but can he roll?
  21. Page 14: Parson obeys his master; Ansom obeys his mistress.
  22. Text Update 8: Lady Sylvia Lazarus internally poetizes on being called back from death.
  23. Page 15: Tramennis observes as Wanda and Ossomer discuss the differences between sticks and carrots.
  24. Text Update 9: King Slately counts his lies, and argues with truth.
  25. Page 16: Jillian parlays with Wanda, and they decide (as usual) to do things the Hard Way.
  26. Text Update 10: The eyemancer looks back to when the naughtymancer foreshadowed.
  27. Page 17: Jillian and Wanda get high on the field of battle; have a hard time expressing their feelings.
  28. Text Update 11: Duncan Scone does some matchmaking for the upcoming battle, expresses his doubts about Jillian's choice of dates.
  29. Page 18: Jillian makes Wanda an offer that would leave no Side unturned.
  30. Text Update 12: Ossomer finds a scone a bit tough to chew.
  31. Page 19: Jillian and Wanda wave their Tools of Fate at each other.
  32. Text Update 13: Maggie conserves juice and reports an irregularity in the battle plan.
  33. Page 20: Jillian brings Charlie's tool into her argument with Wanda, and goes to have a chat with Vanna.
  34. Text Update 14: Slately tries to take solace in Queen Bea's sacrifice, and is rather forcefully shushed.
  35. Page 21: The King of Radishes asks about the bidding; the Queen pulls an ace out of her hat; and the Turnamancer calls time.

    RCC's turn

  36. Text Update 15: Tramennis and Adam Antium discuss the purpose of Music and never ending War as they wait for the end.
  37. Page 22: The turn's end turns heads as Vanna prepares another turn when Jillian is finally sure who she came here for.
  38. Text Update 16: Don King makes it clear that this is his palace, and not Caesar's.
  39. Page 23: Jill wears the previously broken crown and offers Jack a lift home.
  40. Text Update 17: Charlie tries to understand Jillian, but has to address a developing situation.
  41. Page 24: When Tramennis met Jillian; what happens when you croak the croakamancer?
  42. Text Update 18: Charlie's Archons spy on Sammy; Sammy shoots Charlie's Archons; Charlie makes Sammy think of home.
  43. Page 25: Sammy reports for — ahem — duty.
  44. Text Update 19: On Gobwin Knob's turn, Ansom rallies the troops; on RCC's turn, he prepares to meet Jillian.
  45. Page 26: Sammy crosses that bridge when he comes to it, and Tramennis discovers how much Jillian does not know.
  46. Text Update 20: Wanda lets her hair down and calls for a team huddle with a side of beef, a fool, and a burning woman.
  47. Page 27: Sammy moves in for the kill, but Jillian proves to be a fatal distraction.
  48. Page 28: Parson and Stanley, and Jillian and Ansom, discuss Ansom's fate.
  49. Page 29: When Vanna has trouble turning Ansom's head, Jillian smothers him with love.
  50. Text Update 21: The fool chuckles at the stone tied around the ankles of royalty.
  51. Page 30: Jillian prepares to steam roll a path home and arrange her lover's return .
  52. Text Update 22: The Ford ranger pickups responsibility to at least scratch the rocks before being crushed by them.
  53. Page 31: Two Queens discuss who is a toolist, whilst others disapprove.
  54. Text Update 23: Tramennis leads a teddy bear's picnic to breakfast on salad.
  55. Page 32: Ford gets crushed, Maggie cleverly gets permission to make a suggestion, and Parson gets back his job as chief warlord.