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<li>[[LIAB 98|Page 98]]: "Pretty."</li>
<li>[[LIAB 98|Page 98]]: "Pretty."</li>
<li>[[LIAB 99|Page 99]]: "Do [[Parson|you]] smell smoke?"</li>
<li>[[LIAB 99|Page 99]]: "Do [[Parson|you]] smell smoke?"</li>
<li>[[LIAB 99a|Page 99a]]: '''Fire rules!'''Parson klogs about how erfworld treats fires and uses Motoroyal as an example.</li>
<li>[[LIAB 99a|Page 99a]]: '''Fire rules!''' Parson klogs about how erfworld treats fires and uses Motoroyal as an example.</li>
<li>[[LIAB 100|Page 100]]: Alas poor Portal! We knew it well!</li>
<li>[[LIAB 100|Page 100]]: Alas poor Portal! We knew it well!</li>
<li>[[LIAB 101|Page 101]]: [[Spacerock]]'s heating is improved.</li>
<li>[[LIAB 101|Page 101]]: [[Spacerock]]'s heating is improved.</li>

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Turns since TBfGK: 3 (12 AW)

  1. Prologue 1: Parson and Charlie talk Caster Links, mind games.
  2. Prologue 2: Zhopa the Twoll introduced; Parson packs a picnic lunch.
  3. Prologue 3: Parson, Sizemore, and Maggie take a stroll; Parson learns about Erban development (Gobwin Knob real estate is a buyer's market) and talks about home.
  4. Prologue 4: Discussion of aesthetics continues on to the topic of graphic design; Fabrication officially linked to Twolls, Dollamancy; Sizemore and Maggie play catch-the-buck over Gobwin Knob's new style.
  5. Prologue 5: Maggie explains two-caster links, speculates on Stanley's mental state; the trio continue their walk towards the city gates.
  6. Prologue 6: Parson reaches hex boundary, takes a peek through his magic specs; Maggie tells a joke; Erfworld proves to be more stubborn than we had hoped.
  7. Prologue 7: Magic Kingdom revealed to be mostly philosophers with juice; Parson warned against going there again, settles for more Q&A with Maggie and Sizemore; Sizemore breaks out the apple brandy.
  8. Prologue 8: Parson gets a crash course in general relativity, boggles afresh at Erfworld's idiosyncratic physics.
  9. Prologue 9: Maggie hits the brandy a bit too hard, feels like she's on Earth, takes advantage of her helmet's loyalty.
  10. Prologue 10: Parson tries things.
  11. Prologue 11: Parson gets in the saddle, squashes a Banana.

Turns since TBfGK: 4 (13 AW)

  1. Prologue 12: Ansom and Wanda visit sunny Warchalking.
  2. Prologue 13: Wrigley loses his spear, then loses his head.

Turns since TBfGK: 8 (17 AW)

  1. Prologue 14: Stanley chews out Parson for not knowing how to do his rounds; Parson sends Stanley dwagon-hunting.

Turns since TBfGK: 11 (20 AW)

  1. Prologue 15: Parson and Jack discuss fashion and the burdens of talent.

Turns since TBfGK: 18 (27 AW)

  1. Prologue 16: Vinny visits the new and improved Faq, bearing bad news.

Turns since TBfGK: 19 (28 AW)

  1. Prologue 17: Parson and Jack drown their boredom in battle simulations.

Turns since TBfGK: 20 (29 AW)

  1. Prologue 18: Charlie tries to find out what Gobwin Knob's got up its sleeve, and gets more than he bargained for.

Turns since TBfGK: 23 (32 AW)

  1. Prologue 19: Prince Tramennis arrives at Dhrystone, informs Ossomer of their brother's alleged fate.

Turns since TBfGK: 24 (33 AW)

  1. Prologue 20: Jillian rides a Megalogwiff, waits for one call, and gets another.

Turns since TBfGK: 29 (38 AW)

  1. Prologue 21: Ansom "relaxes" with Stanley, and thinks about how war is changing.

Turns since TBfGK: 31 (40 AW)

  1. Prologue 22: Don King gets a love letter.

Turns since TBfGK: 38 (47 AW)

  1. Prologue 23: Parson and Maggie take a walk and discuss... logistics. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.
  2. Prologue 24: Parson braves the peril to get some answers about Charlie.
  3. Prologue 25: Parson ignores his little buddy, plays 8 questions, and sets a date with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Turns since TBfGK: 52 (61 AW)

  1. Prologue 26: Caesar Borgata is up on the roof in Chocula, and gets a call from Bunny; learns next morning that Transylvito is popping new Royal Heir.

Turns since TBfGK: 54 (63 AW)

  1. Prologue 27: Parson chats with Charlie again. Ansom made diplomatic contacts, trying to spread Toolism.

Turns since TBfGK: 55 (64 AW)

  1. Prologue 28: Jillian recalls how, on Day 42 (51 AW), she 'visited' the neighbor kingdom Jitterati, attacked the cities Kona and Valdez, got the Western Giants to become her Natural Allies, and captured the warlord Duncan Scone. On Day 55 (64 AW), she leaves Faq on a dangerous mission.

Issue 1: Meet the Jetstones

Day 1 (75 AW)

Gobwin Knob's turn
  1. Page 1: Stanley heads to the Situation Room to oversee the confrontation between Ansom and Ossomer; Parson shows up fashionably late.
  2. Page 2: A little trip down the Expository Bridge
  3. Page 3: Ansom and Ossomer parley on Expository Bridge; Tramennis is amusing.
  4. Page 4: Ansom and Ossomer discuss Ansom's tactical skills. The battle begins.
  5. Page 5: Wanda consults with Parson on how to proceed. Suspecting a trap, he recommends further reconnaissance.
  6. Page 6: Wanda reveals her "grab-and-go" recon plan, as Ansom chafes under Parson's shadow and the Archons make use of their assets.
  7. Page 7: Dirty old man repeats himself. Archons' lighting proves to be more shocking than their nudity. Jetstone brothers in a tremendously unawesome situation.
  8. Page 8: Ansom is invisible, Ossomer is angry, Tramennis plays with bubble gum, and quadrupled arrows are quadrupled.
  9. Text Update 1: Sizemore visits the Magic Kingdom and reflects on recent events.
  10. Page 9: Wanda helps Ansom subdue Ossomer. They retreat with their hostage.
  11. Text Update 2: Sizemore and Janis discuss Parson, war, and friendship.
  12. Page 10: Ansom and Ossomer discuss evil, Wanda shows off her toy; Ossomer gives her an unpleasant surprise.
  13. Text Update 3: Transylvito parties while watching the war, Caesar very carefully ignores Bunny; the lot of them sobers up unexpectedly.
  14. Page 11: Wanda suggests cost-cutting measures vis a vis Jack, but Stanley puts his foot down.
  15. Text Update 4: Vurp gets in touch with his inner Hobgobwin.
  16. Text Update 5: A bat and a Bunny can reach places other Units cannot scratch.
  17. Page 12: Tramennis wants to scratch his nose; Jillian prepares to scratch an old itch.
  18. Text Update 6: Jillian skulks across the land while she sulks about her band. Titans disband!
  19. Page 13: Parson runs some depressing odds and frightfully annoying questions past Wanda.
  20. Text Update 7: Prince Sammy is ready to rock; but can he roll?
  21. Page 14: Parson obeys his master; Ansom obeys his mistress.
  22. Text Update 8: Lady Sylvia Lazarus internally poetizes on being called back from death.
  23. Page 15: Tramennis observes as Wanda and Ossomer discuss the differences between sticks and carrots.
  24. Text Update 9: King Slately counts his lies, and argues with truth.
  25. Page 16: Jillian parlays with Wanda, and they decide (as usual) to do things the Hard Way.
  26. Text Update 10: The eyemancer looks back to when the naughtymancer foreshadowed.
  27. Page 17: Jillian and Wanda get high on the field of battle; have a hard time expressing their feelings.
  28. Text Update 11: Duncan Scone does some matchmaking for the upcoming battle, expresses his doubts about Jillian's choice of dates.
  29. Page 18: Jillian makes Wanda an offer that would leave no Side unturned.
  30. Text Update 12: Ossomer finds a scone a bit tough to chew.
  31. Page 19: Jillian and Wanda wave their Tools of Fate at each other.
  32. Text Update 13: Maggie conserves juice and reports an irregularity in the battle plan.
  33. Page 20: Jillian brings Charlie's tool into her argument with Wanda, and goes to have a chat with Vanna.
  34. Text Update 14: Slately tries to take solace in Queen Bea's sacrifice, and is rather forcefully shushed.
  35. Page 21: The King of Radishes asks about the bidding; the Queen pulls an ace out of her hat; and the Turnamancer calls time.
Royal Crown Coalition's turn
  1. Text Update 15: Tramennis and Adam Antium discuss the purpose of Music and never ending War as they wait for the end.
  2. Page 22: The turn's end turns heads as Vanna prepares another turn when Jillian is finally sure who she came here for.
  3. Text Update 16: Don King makes it clear that this is his palace, and not Caesar's.
  4. Page 23: Jill wears the previously broken crown and offers Jack a lift home.
  5. Text Update 17: Charlie tries to understand Jillian, but has to address a developing situation.
  6. Page 24: When Tramennis met Jillian; what happens when you croak the croakamancer?
  7. Text Update 18: Charlie's Archons spy on Sammy; Sammy shoots Charlie's Archons; Charlie makes Sammy think of home.
  8. Page 25: Sammy reports for — ahem — duty.
  9. Text Update 19: On Gobwin Knob's turn, Ansom rallies the troops; on the Coalition's turn, he prepares to meet Jillian.
  10. Page 26: Sammy crosses that bridge when he comes to it, and Tramennis discovers how much Jillian does not know.
  11. Text Update 20: Wanda lets her hair down and calls for a team huddle with a side of beef, a fool, and a burning woman.
  12. Page 27: Sammy moves in for the kill, but Jillian proves to be a fatal distraction.
  13. Page 28: Parson and Stanley, and Jillian and Ansom, discuss Ansom's fate.
  14. Page 29: When Vanna has trouble turning Ansom's head, Jillian smothers him with love.
  15. Text Update 21: The fool chuckles at the stone tied around the ankles of royalty.
  16. Page 30: Jillian prepares to steam roll a path home and arrange her lover's return .
  17. Text Update 22: The Ford ranger pickups responsibility to at least scratch the rocks before being crushed by them.
  18. Page 31: Two Queens discuss who is a toolist, whilst others disapprove.
  19. Text Update 23: Tramennis leads a teddy bear's picnic to breakfast on salad.
  20. Page 32: Ford gets crushed, Maggie requests and gets permission to make a suggestion, and Parson gets back his job as chief warlord.
  21. Text Update 24: Wrigley's life achieves a glorious climax as his spear finally enters some flesh.
  22. Page 33: The master mind and mind controller exchange a few angry thoughts on the subject of ethics - the latter wins and the former has an ugly thought.

Issue 2: It's Raining Men

Day 1 (75 AW) continued

Royal Crown Coalition's turn continued
  1. Page 33a: Parson reviews what he has learned about just what options he has while off-turn.
  2. Page 33b: Parson's notes continue with details of the Garrison/Airspace zone boundary.
  3. Page 34: The Don pops a recap into Caesar.
  4. Text Update 25: Tramennis weighs up the weight flying above him as well as that upon his shoulders.
  5. Page 35: The King of Bats counsels reason, while the King of Radishes contemplates starvation.
  6. Text Update 26: Zhopa makes a ham sandwich, whilst Stanley makes a meal of it.
  7. Page 36: The pizza-stained warlord plans a food fight.
  8. Text Update 27: Stanley regales Zhopa with, and answers the frequently asked questions about, the fall of Faq.
  9. Page 37: Slately stands, then Tramennis stands up to him when he takes a stand on understanding an outstanding communicator and an upstanding warlord.
  10. Text Update 28: Jillian pushes around the goo of her feelings, whilst Ansom is pushed around by the goo of a megalogwiff.
  11. Page 38: Despite Jillian and Tramennis' best efforts, it is Parson who makes the call.
  12. Text Update 29: Two Toolists compare their encounters with a Tool of the Titans as well as with a Tool of Fate.
  13. Page 39: Jillian is unimpressed with Charlie's lucky charms.
  14. Text Update 30: With Cubbins' help, Ace Hardware's stores becomes a helpful place.
  15. Page 40: Parson tells Maggie he takes his game pieces seriously, and then goes to play dress-up; Tramennis gets a taste of the rainbow.
  16. Text Update 31: Uhura gets dirty with a dirtamancer, and we learn that bad news comes in Fibbonacci sequences.
  17. Page 41: In a switch, Charlie tries to hire Tramennis with the promise of dirt on a potato.
  18. Page 42: Parson plans a trip after his shameless self-promotion.
  19. Text Update 32: Duncan enjoys an unstoppable mount. But he enjoys stopping the unstoppable warlord more.
  20. Page 43: The radishes consider a parley with a potato.
  21. Page 44: Tramennis prepares for a conference; Parson prepares for a combat.
  22. Text Update 33: A short father takes a long walk with his last son.
  23. Page 45: Parson orders Wanda to evacuate some air, and Sizemore to evacuate some ground.
  24. Text Update 34: Benjamin is not averse to be an observant servant in verse.
  25. Page 46: Parson pits caster against caster and brother against brother.
  26. Text Update 35: How is a foolamancer like a croakamancer? They both choose to be first in war rather than third (or second) in love.
  27. Page 47: Spacerock's prince poops on Ossomer's new suit and dwagons poop on Spacerock.
  28. Text Update 36: Crap happens... to fall on Duke Adam Antium and his troops.
  29. Page 48: Tramennis mistakes tactics for tantrums.
  30. Page 48a: Parson's eyebook explores harvest exploits.
  31. Page 49: Dwagons fall down.
  32. Text Update 37: A predictamancer prophesies Parson's pending Portal Park presence.
  33. Page 50: Jack acts the fool and the Cure.
  34. Text Update 38: Maggie hopes a great mind plucks her G-String.
  35. Page 51: Jack and Wanda discuss the weather; Adam drowns in it.
  36. Text Update 39: Sylvia commands Fud and Archer. How it turned out was this: Awesome.
  37. Page 52: A Prince plans to port his pater; Parson plans to pass a portal.
  38. Text Update 40: Isaac discovers the gravity of the situation.
  39. Page 53: Jetstone's Prince reassesses his strategy; Jetsone's King reassesses his princes.
  40. Text Update 41: In the huddle, Ace Hardware tries to change the play on the field, but the others decide to pass.
  41. Page 54: Wanda wants to go around, Jack and Sylvia want to blow things up, and Caesar wants better intel.
  42. Text Update 42: Slately rediscovers honor. "You come to me and you say, 'Don King, give me justice.' But you didn’t ask with respect; you didn’t offer friendship — you didn’t even call me 'godfather.'"
  43. Page 55: Wanda has no trouble securing a portal for Parson; Don King has trouble securing a loan for Slately.
  44. Text Update 43: At Progrock, Jillian makes rocks, but Ansom seeks progress.
  45. Page 56: Hamster and Caesar plan for their respective Sides' futures while contemplating that their own futures may be brief.
  46. Text Update 44: Alone with his thoughts, Stanley realizes he is lonelier than most.
  47. Page 57: Met by Janis and Marie Lavraie, Sizemore takes the high road while making a low one.
  48. Text Update 45: Marie and Janis go digging for dirt, but Sizemore has dug himself as deep as he'll go. Can you dig it?
  49. Page 58: Isaac plans to drop in on Parson who plans to drop in on Tramennis who plans to drop in on Slately.
  50. Text Update 46: Adam Antium and Lacrosse hope to score with Wanda.
  51. Page 59: Caesar's full house beats a pair of kings.
  52. Text Update 47: Ossomer sees a Sign in his father's eyes, and prepares for the ultimate Duty.
  53. Page 60: Tramennis is heard, Parson is seen, and both of them fall.
  54. Text Update 48: Slately needs a plan. He loses a King but finds an unexpected Ace.
  55. Page 61: Parson and Jeftichew make mad dashes, as Janis and Marie connect mad dots.
  56. Text Update 49: After chewing on his sandwich, Stanley promotes Zhopa to lackey and takes him to chew out Maggie.
  57. Page 62: Jeftichew offers Parson free will.
  58. Text Update 50: Artemis goes hunting for scarlet and purple prey.
  59. Page 63: Jeftichew asks Parson if he wants to get stupid.
  60. Text Update 51: A stone falls, Artemis' arrow falls, Ossomer's tower falls, and Sylvia smiles.
  61. Page 64: Sizemore, Janis, and Marie crash the party, but Jeftichew still gives a gift.
  62. Text Update 52: It's knights vs. dwagons, archer vs. archer, and Lazarus vs. Oblivion.
  63. Page 65: Sizemore makes introductions. Parson impresses Janis, but not Marie.
  64. Page 66: Parson chooses to jet for Jetstone. The Thinkamancers order a layover at their temple.
  65. Page 67: Some math facts: P<GMTA; P+S+M+J>GMTA. But can you count on Janis?
  66. Page 68: The Great Minds that Think Alike are stumped by the followers of one who thinks like no other.
  67. Page 69: While Slately gets a change of clothes, does Ossomer have a change of heart?.
  68. Text Update 53: ♪So no one told them life was going to be this way...♪
  69. Page 70: A Captain must steer between fatalism and foolishness.
  70. Page 71: Parson learns that the thinkamancers don't think that the predictamancers will act unpredictably.
  71. Page 72: A Predictamancer, Parson, Jack, Sylvia, and Stanley ask "What's going on here?"
  72. Page 73: One side comes together in the Magic Kingdom and another kingdom collapses along one side.
  73. Text Update 54: Hats off to Cubbins as an ace takes to the sky.
  74. Page 74: Cubbins throws his hat in the air. The issue ends; we graduate to issue 3!

Issue 3: Lots of Sects, and Violence

Day 1 (75 AW)

Royal Crown Coalition's turn continued
  1. Text Update 55: War goes by and comes to Mary Sagittari.
  2. Page 75: Ossomer back in command, Archons select targets.
  3. Page 76: Ossomer readies for battle, once more for Jetstone.
  4. Page 77: Pew! Pew! is not good, not good.
  5. Page 78: Ossomer goes home.
  6. Page 79: Slately finds himself twice as good.
  7. Page 80: Ace Hardware gets himself an Archon.
  8. Page 81: Maggie out of juice, Wanda out of comfort zone, Parson out of options, and Stanley is out of f-words.
  9. Page 82: Maggie and a bunch of Carnymancers move into the fray, as Parson moves to leave it.
  10. Text Update 56: Without her stack, Phoebe makes a stack of her own.
  11. Page 83: In Jetstone, Slately reveals the decrypted archons. In the Magic Kingdom, Isaac reveals the deceptive Charlie.
  12. Page 84: Isaac and Parson have a meeting of the minds; Tramennis criticizes Slately's make-up.
  13. Page 84a: Hamstard's own slash-fic is onto it's seventeenth chapter. Parson klogs about eyebook security and upgrades.
  14. Page 85: Underground, Maggie run run runs to catch up with Isaac and Parson, and ends up running off at the mouth.
  15. Page 86: Sylvia tells Archer about Jeftichew's future trading.
  16. Page 87: Don knows about Slately, the Casters knew about Parson, Parson doesn't know what to do and Maggie doesn't know what to say.
  17. Page 88: Ace finds out Cubbins is alive, and Slately finds out he isn't.
  18. Page 89: Charlie says the k-word, and it's not king.
  19. Page 90: Everybody wants to act, but only Jeftichew seems to have a plan.
  20. Page 91: A clone crowns Tramennis.
  21. Page 92: Parson moves at the speed of thought, which turns out to be slower than it takes for Sylvia to decide to burn Jetstone to the ground.
  22. Text Update 57: Slately and Tramennis share a first, then a Battle Bear poses as a Mandrill.
  23. Page 93: Ace takes a stand and gets to play with his dolls.
  24. Page 94: Spoilers abound as a storm of magic gathers around the portal.
  25. Page 95: Jetstone both charges and retreats as fires spring up and pessimism is unleashed.
  26. Page 96: Sylvia and Jeftichew each fan their respective flames.
  27. Page 97: "Makes me want to roll for traps."
  28. Page 98: "Pretty."
  29. Page 99: "Do you smell smoke?"
  30. Page 99a: Fire rules! Parson klogs about how erfworld treats fires and uses Motoroyal as an example.
  31. Page 100: Alas poor Portal! We knew it well!
  32. Page 101: Spacerock's heating is improved.
  33. Page 102: Parson enters the throne room.
  34. Page 103: Parson Gotti becomes a man of achievement. The royal gets flushed.
  35. Page 104: The royals become a Side of achievement. Parson Gotti gets plushed.
  36. Page 105: The Jack blames an LFN for the great weight of his problem.
  37. Page 106: A Dwagon is cruelly robbed of its snack.
  38. Page 107: Parson tries to transfer capital, but Stanley refuses on account of bad credit.
  39. Page 108: Parson and Charlie fight a flame war.
  40. Text Update 58: "You want help, Lud?"
  41. Page 109: "Who's the hero now, Hamster?"
  42. Text Update 59: Parson takes inspiration from Nero.
  43. Page 110: Sparks fly on both sides of the fire escape
  44. Page 111: Wanda is put on hold.
  45. Page 112: Isaac investigates pyramid power.
  46. Page 113: Sizemore's game of Minecraft gets griefed by another Dirtamancer.
  47. Page 114: The chapter ends, as the war to end all wars begins.


Day 1 (75 AW)

Royal Crown Coalition's turn continued
  1. LIAB Epilogue 01 - Artemis Decrypted: Second life.
  2. LIAB Epilogue 02 - Jack Decrypted: The Sister reclamation program yields unexpected benefits.
  3. LIAB Epilogue 03 - Ace on the Move: They're off to see the Casters, the wonderful Casters of Erf.
  4. LIAB Epilogue 04 - Thinkamancers’ Poll: Great Minds do not think alike, fools seldom agree.
  5. LIAB Epilogue 05 - At the Temple: Gobwin Knob goes camping.
  6. LIAB Epilogue 06 - Parson and Maggie Discuss Matters: Parson sorts Maggie out.
  7. LIAB Epilogue 07 - Jack in Black: The Oz references get weirder.
  8. LIAB Epilogue 08 - Parson and Wanda Dissect the Battle: Parson gets a healthy dose of paranoia.
  9. LIAB Epilogue 09 - Parson’s Notes 01: Parson encrypts his notes with handwriting.
  10. LIAB Epilogue 10 - Message to the Tool: Stanley is informed.
  1. LIAB Epilogue 11 - Lilith and Pierce: Pierce volunteers for a show.
  2. LIAB Epilogue 12 - Maggie and the Great Minds: When it comes to groupthink, Maggie talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
  3. LIAB Epilogue 13 - Parson and the Temple: Parson prepares to expose himself.
  4. LIAB Epilogue 14 - Parson and the Great Minds 1: Parson has to think for a change.
  5. LIAB Epilogue 15 - Parson and the Great Minds 2: On the importance of furniture hierarchy.
  6. LIAB Epilogue 16 - Parson and Maggie Discuss Thinking Alike: Big Brother is scary.
  7. LIAB Epilogue 17 - Parson’s Staff Meeting: No cooking allowed.
  8. LIAB Epilogue 18 - A Poem About a King: Bunny waxes poetic about the Transylvito situation.
  9. LIAB Epilogue 19 - Caesar and Bill: Caesar drinks... wine, and the Dollamancer tends his pet project.
  10. LIAB Epilogue 20 - Jillian and Ansom: No one's talking to Jill, so she talks to Ansom.
  11. LIAB Epilogue 21 - Vinny: Vinny has the run of the city, but Caesar thinks it should be him.
  12. LIAB Epilogue 22 - The King of Jetstone's Diary: Tramennis knows Jetstone must change to survive. But can he himself change?
  13. LIAB Epilogue 23 - Parson and Sizemore: Sizemore can't get away from Parson.
  14. LIAB Epilogue 24 - Tramennis and Charlie: Tramennis isn't taking anymore of Charlie's crap. Not tonight, anyway.
  15. LIAB Epilogue 25 - Parson and Charlie (Part 1): Charlie doesn't keep regular business hours, and Parson has to deal with it.
  16. LIAB Epilogue 25 - Parson and Charlie (Part 2): Parson pays out another calculation, and we get a peek into Charlescomm.