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<li>[[IPTSF Text 47|Episode 47]]: [[Jillian]] visits [[Goodminton]].
<li>[[IPTSF Text 47|Episode 47]]: [[Jillian]] visits [[Goodminton]].
<li>[[IPTSF Text 48|Episode 48]]: [[Jillian]] doesn't find any traps, just caps and maps, and a blast from the past from a certain [[Delphie|cast(er)]].</li>
<li>[[IPTSF Text 48|Episode 48]]: [[Jillian]] doesn't find any traps, just caps and maps, and a blast from the past from a certain [[Delphie|cast(er)]].</li>
<li>[[IPTSF Text 49|Episode 49]]: After much hugging [[Jillian|Gillian]] and [[Olive Branch|Olive]] play catch.</li>
====Day ?+53+?????====
<li>[[IPTSF Text 50|Episode 50]]: A yellow brick road is followed to an Emerald [[City]].</li>

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Part 1: The Fate of Goodminton

Day 1

Goodminton's turn
  1. Episode 1: A new Firebaugh is born.
  2. Episode 2: Wanda attends Temple.
  3. Episode 3: Wanda meets the rest of the family.
  4. Episode 4: Wanda volunteers for active Duty.
  5. Episode 5: Wanda gets bawdy.

Day 2

  1. Episode 6: When life gives you lemons, Wanda uncroaks an army.

Day 18

  1. Episode 7: Wanda learns to play dice.
  2. Episode 8: The dice explain luck.
  3. Episode 9: Wanda's fate is to choose flowers over fire.
  4. Episode 10: Firebaugh fires Delphie Temple, embraces Wanda.

Day 21

  1. Episode 11: Wanda and Tommy discuss trees and Magic.

Day 23

  1. Episode 12: A hippie tells the atomic bomb to chillaxe.
  2. Episode 13: Olive branch causes uncroaked to smile.
  3. Episode 14: Wanda wants to escape Haffaton's grasp, so Tommy hatches a plan.
  4. Episode 15: Wanda refuses to bed with the enemy.

Day 24

  1. Episode 16: Wanda contemplates the merits and risks of love and chocolate.
  2. Episode 17: Neither Wanda nor Olive turn, but Frenemy and Quisling do.
  3. Episode 18: Wanda grieves in her own way.

Day 27

  1. Episode 19: Wanda goes Hat Magic.
  2. Episode 20: Wanda comes up with a capital leveler, Minnow Tower rises up over the capitol level, Delphie levels up, and Quisling and Frenemy give up on leveling the capitol.

Day 33

  1. Episode 21: Wanda visits Magic Kingdom, meets old new friends.
  2. Episode 22: Wanda asks Dice to choose Fate or Luck. He answers with Love.
  3. Episode 23: Wanda gets dolled up.
  4. Episode 24: Wanda predicts her Fate.

Day 45

  1. Episode 25: Wanda makes a promise.

Day 46

  1. Episode 26: Wanda is promoted to Overlord of Goodminton, which promptly disbands.

Part 2: Faq's Hope

Day ?

  1. Episode 27: Jillian is alive!
  2. Episode 28: Jillian tells a Christian to turn the other cheek.

Day ?+1

  1. Episode 29: Jillian is told to come home.

Day ?+2

  1. Episode 30: Jillian comes home.
  2. Episode 31: Battle of a different sort.
  3. Episode 32: Banhammer reveals his plan.
  4. Episode 33: Jillian counters with her own plan.
  5. Episode 34: Jillian shocks the shockamancer.

Day ?+16+?

  1. Episode 35: Without real war, the Wonderful Royal Expeditionary Company of Doom contents itself with Air War.
  2. Episode 36: The die is cast in Diecast.
  3. Episode 37: After checking herself out in a mirror, Jillian rides the light rail.
  4. Episode 38: Jillian gets her freak on, is seen, gets freaked out, flees the scene.

Day ?+16+??

  1. Episode 39: Wanda shows off her garden.
  2. Episode 40: Wanda tells Jillian about the paths.

Day ?+17+??

  1. Episode 41: Wanda wanders off, and Jillian's stomach growls.
  2. Episode 42: 120 turns of Wanda

Day ?+35+???

  1. Episode 43: Wanda talks about why, and Jillian talks about who.

Day ?+39+????

  1. Episode 44: Steamboat Jilly

Day ?+42+????

  1. Episode 45: Jillian gets high on a Dwagon, and the Dwagon gets high on elves.

Day ?+45+????

  1. Episode 46: Jillian gets wet with three archon.

Day ?+50+????

  1. Episode 47: Jillian visits Goodminton.
  2. Episode 48: Jillian doesn't find any traps, just caps and maps, and a blast from the past from a certain cast(er).
  3. Episode 49: After much hugging Gillian and Olive play catch.

Day ?+53+?????

  1. Episode 50: A yellow brick road is followed to an Emerald City.