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<li>[[IPTSF Text 25|Episode 25]]: [[Wanda]] makes a promise.</li>
<li>[[IPTSF Text 25|Episode 25]]: [[Wanda]] makes a promise.</li>
====Day 46====
<li>[[IPTSF Text 26|Episode 26]]: [[Wanda]] goes out with all of the undead to attack [[Haffaton]]. As [[Goodminton]] is attacked [[Wanda]] is briefly promoted to [[Overlord]] and then demoted to [[barbarian]] as Goodminton falls. Wand is left on the road with a small [[stack]].</li>

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Day 1

Goodminton's turn
  1. Episode 1: A new Firebaugh is born.
  2. Episode 2: Wanda attends Temple.
  3. Episode 3: Wanda meets the rest of the family.
  4. Episode 4: Wanda volunteers for active Duty.
  5. Episode 5: Wanda gets bawdy.

Day 2

  1. Episode 6: When life gives you lemons, Wanda uncroaks an army.

Day 18

  1. Episode 7: Wanda learns to play dice.
  2. Episode 8: The dice explain luck.
  3. Episode 9: Wanda's fate is to choose flowers over fire.
  4. Episode 10: Firebaugh fires Delphie Temple, embraces Wanda.

Day 21

  1. Episode 11: Wanda and Tommy discuss trees and Magic.

Day 23

  1. Episode 12: A hippie tells the atomic bomb to chillaxe.
  2. Episode 13: Olive branch causes uncroaked to smile.
  3. Episode 14: Wanda wants to escape Haffaton's grasp, so Tommy hatches a plan.
  4. Episode 15: Wanda refuses to bed with the enemy.

Day 24

  1. Episode 16: Wanda contemplates the merits and risks of love and chocolate.
  2. Episode 17: Neither Wanda nor Olive turn, but Frenemy and Quisling do.
  3. Episode 18: Wanda grieves in her own way.

Day 27

  1. Episode 19: Wanda goes Hat Magic.
  2. Episode 20: Wanda comes up with a capital leveler, Minnow Tower rises up over the capitol level, Delphie levels up, and Quisling and Frenemy give up on leveling the capitol.

Day 33

  1. Episode 21: Wanda visits Magic Kingdom, meets old new friends.
  2. Episode 22: Wanda asks Dice to choose Fate or Luck. He answers with Love.
  3. Episode 23: Wanda gets dolled up.
  4. Episode 24: Wanda predicts her Fate.

Day 45

  1. Episode 25: Wanda makes a promise.

Day 46

  1. Episode 26: Wanda goes out with all of the undead to attack Haffaton. As Goodminton is attacked Wanda is briefly promoted to Overlord and then demoted to barbarian as Goodminton falls. Wand is left on the road with a small stack.